Narduzzi reported as highest-paid non-officer for third-straight year


Thomas Yang | Visual Editor

Coach Narduzzi is the highest-paid non-officer employee at Pitt.

By Benjamin Nigrosh, News Editor

Pitt released a list of its 25 highest-paid non-officer positions for fiscal year 2019, with Pat Narduzzi, the head football coach, leading the list for the third year in a row at nearly $4 million. The disclosure is required for all state-related universities by Pennsylvania’s Right-To-Know Law.

Narduzzi earned $3,985,144.93 in fiscal year 2019, following a series of increases in recent years. He earned $3,142,424 in fiscal year 2018 and $2,887,319 in fiscal year 2017.

But pay increases are also forthcoming for top University officials. The compensation committee of the board of trustees approved salary increases of 2.25% for Chancellor Patrick Gallagher and other senior University officials for the second year in a row in December 2019. Gallagher’s base salary will be $669,738 for 2020.

In addition to Narduzzi, the 24 other highest paid non-officer employees at Pitt are:

  • Jeff Capel, Pitt men’s basketball coach, $2,588,636.42
  • Kevin Stallings, former men’s basketball coach, $2,489,539.87
  • Suzanne McConnell-Serio, former women’s basketball coach, $1,644,198.94
  • Heather Lyke, director of athletics, $666,060.67
  • Michael Becich, associate vice chancellor for informatics in the health sciences, $655,374.98
  • Kris Davitt, senior vice chancellor for philanthropic and alumni engagement, $603,267.60
  • A. Everette James, associate vice chancellor for health policy and planning, $592,648.54
  • Steven Reis, associate vice chancellor for clinical research, $512,500.06
  • Peter Strick, chair of the Neurobiology department, $507,500.04
  • Donald Burke, associate vice chancellor for global health, $506,917.98
  • Bernard Costello, dean of the School of Dental Medicine, $506,238.05
  • Jonathan Silverstein, chief research informatics officer for health sciences, $503,660.52
  • Randy Bates, football defensive coordinator, $497,282.64
  • Shawn Watson,  former football offensive coordinator, $495,833.35
  • Lise Vesterlund, economics professor, $481,250
  • David Denis, Katz Graduate School of Business finance chair, $478,750.38
  • Mark Nordenberg, chancellor emeritus, $478,119.65
  • Bruce Freeman, chair of the Pharmacology and Chemical Biology department, $457,499.96
  • Mark Shlomchik, chair of the immunology department, $455,000
  • Arjang Assad, College of Business Administration and Katz Graduate School of Business dean, $451,290.60
  • Angela Gronenborn, Structural Biology department chair, $450,000
  • Peter Wipf, distinguished professor of chemistry, $449,739.36
  • Ivet Bahar, chair of the Computational and System Biology department, $438,628.98
  • Dario Vignali, Cancer Immunology chair and Immunology department vice chair, $428,914.10