Meet the Editors: Visuals and Layout


Visual Editor Sarah Cutshall, Assistant Visual Editor Kaycee Orwig, Assistant Visual Editor for multimedia Nate Kohler, and Layout Editor Maria Doku.

We’ve all seen an image that says more to us than words could. Images and videos can invite you to read more when they’re bright, fun and interesting, but they can also be humbling, powerful and moving. They can add humanity and intimacy to a story when words allow comfortable distance. Intentional visuals and layout add movement, depth and intrigue to a story that words can’t always capture, and the visual and layout desks want to help you see the full picture.

The visual staff consists of photographers, videographers and illustrators of all experience levels and interests, and it’s our responsibility to document all types of events around campus and provide a visual for every story. We’ve been dedicated to covering sports, protests, cultural events, everyday life and political candidates in Oakland and the wider City area. None of us know exactly what this year is going to look like — but we do know that we will continue to show you an up-close view of whatever goes on in and around Pitt.

Sarah Cutshall, Visual Editor

I’m Sarah Cutshall, a senior environmental science major aiming to complete both the sustainability and public communication of science and technology certificates, and this will be my third year as the visual editor. I’ve been with The Pitt News since my first semester, when I joined as a photographer.

I am thankful that The Pitt News has given me a reason to get out into the community and experience local issues firsthand. After I graduate, I hope to be involved in science communication and sustainability to broaden public understanding of our planet to somehow make the world a better place. I have a deep appreciation for the Pitt and Pittsburgh communities, for our environment, for my friends and for my houseplants.

Kaycee Orwig, Assistant Visual Editor

My name is Kaycee Orwig, and I’m a junior film and media studies major with a minor in studio arts. I am so excited to be the new assistant visuals editor this year. I fell in love with photography in sixth grade, so when I got to Pitt I knew I had to put my passion to use somewhere. That place ended up being The Pitt News. I look back on those two years and realize how much my visuals editors taught me and how working for The Pitt News has helped me to realize my dreams of taking photojournalism into my career. I hope to do the same for the artists that are now on my staff, as they start where I was two years ago. Upon graduation in two years, I hope to do media production work for college and professional athletics or to continue working as a photojournalist.

Nathaniel Kohler, Assistant Visual Editor for multimedia

I’m Nathaniel Kohler, a junior film and media studies major and the new multimedia editor. I’ve been creating film and video for about a decade and have always had an interest in current events and how they impact my community. I couldn’t be more excited to put my time and effort into informing the community through such an accessible medium like video. This is especially critical during a time in which being informed has never been more important. With The Pitt News putting more emphasis on our digital content, I hope to add yet another layer to the fantastic journalism this vital organization produces on a daily basis.

Maria Doku, Layout Editor

I’m Maria Doku, a senior architecture major and the new layout editor. I’ve been a part of The Pitt News since my sophomore year as a staff graphic artist. I have always been interested in news production, and it has been a great experience watching and working alongside other roles within The Pitt News. As an architecture major, I enjoyed applying design skills in my work as a staff graphic artist, and I am looking forward to continuing this process as layout editor.

Upon graduation, I will attend graduate school for architectural computation. As a grad student, I hope to join a student-led news organization such as The Pitt News, as the organization has provided me with such a great learning experience — through both community engagement and insight on the operations of a news organization.