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Meet the Editors: Visuals and Layout

Visual Editor Sarah Cutshall, Assistant Visual Editor Kaycee Orwig, Assistant Visual Editor for multimedia Nate Kohler, and Layout Editor Maria Doku.

By Sarah Cutshall, Kaycee Orwig, Nathaniel Kohler, and Maria Doku

August 25, 2020

None of us know exactly what this year is going to look like — but we do know that we will continue to show you an up-close view of whatever goes on in and around Pitt.

Meet the Editors: Copy

Maggie Young and Sarah Stager are the Copy Chiefs at The Pitt News.

By Maggie Young and Sarah Stager

August 23, 2020

Copy desk serves a very real and pertinent role for a successful newspaper, even if you’ve never actually heard of it before.

Meet the Editors: Sports

Alex Lehmbeck and Stephen Thompson are the sports editors at The Pitt News.

By Stephen Thompson and Alex Lehmbeck

August 18, 2020

As hard as COVID-19 might try to cancel them, sports have persisted. Baseball, basketball and hockey are already midseason, and college athletics are set for a relatively normal fall return.

Meet the Editors: Opinions

Paige Lawler and Leah Mensch are the opinions editors at The Pitt News.

By Leah Mensch and Paige Lawler

August 16, 2020

Leah Mensch and Paige Lawler, the opinions editors, can plank longer than any other editor in the office. Find out more about their desk here.

Meet the editors: still perfecting print

By Elise Lavallee and Eli Savage, Layout editors

August 26, 2019

Layout editors Elise and Eli are more than happy to serve those who still prefer their news on paper (hi, internet users!)

Meet the editors: our last defense

By Maggie Young and Bailey Sasseville, Copy Editors

August 26, 2019

Bailey and Maggie don't oversee the creation of content — rather, they make sure everyone else's work is fit to send out to readers.

Meet the editors: visuals

By Visuals editors

August 26, 2019

Meet Sarah, Thomas and Knox, our editors responsible for presenting stories visually from new and unexpected perspectives. 

Meet the editors: Opinions

By The Pitt News Opinions Editors

August 25, 2019

We’re proud and excited to analyze local and world news in a way that stimulates conversation and debate on campus.

Meet the editors: News

By Erica Guthrie, Jon Moss, and Emily Wolfe

August 25, 2019

Meet Emily, Eri and Jon, the editors working with the news desk staff to find, report and publish the biggest stories on campus.

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