Meet the editors: Opinions


Pamela Smith | Visual Editor

Dalia Maeroff (left) and Jack Troy (right) are the opinions editors for the 2021-22 academic year.

By Dalia Maeroff and Jack Troy

It’s a new year, with plenty of new — and old — faces at the opinions desk. Seriously, like half the desk graduated last spring. But no matter their experience, each and every columnist works hard to offer witty, insightful and, of course, rather opinionated takes on every topic imaginable. From advice on navigating a return to semi-normal campus life, to deep-dives into City politics all the way to bagel-based satire, opinions has you covered.

And we’ll be working just as hard as editors to make sure these hot takes and thoughtful reflections are the best they can be. Besides editing columns, opinion editors are responsible for writing the editorials. This runs three times a week, arguing the collective opinion that the editorial board has decided on.

We’re always looking for Letters to the Editor and Op-Eds from students, staff, faculty and anyone else with a connection to the Pitt community. You can read the submission guidelines, or email us at [email protected].

If you’re interested in joining the opinions desk — a fun and fulfilling endeavor, though we may be a bit biased — you can find out more here. Anyway, it’s probably about time to introduce ourselves.

Dalia Maeroff, Opinions Editor

I’m Dalia, the opinions editor! I’m a third-year student, majoring in psychology with a certificate in Latin American studies and three minors in linguistics, nonfiction writing and English literature. I joined The Pitt News on the visuals desk the fall of my first year. I love opinions because it is all about connecting with people in new ways.

Jack Troy, Assistant Opinions Editor

Hi everyone! I’m Jack, a sophomore studying political science and economics. I joined The Pitt News as a columnist earlier this year and began working as an editor over the summer. I love everything about opinions, but most of all making an impact by covering campus, City and state issues. Outside of writing, I like to play tennis and read about everything and anything political.