Meet the editors: Culture


Pamela Smith | Visual Editor

Diana Velasquez is the culture editor for the 2021-22 academic year.

By Diana Velasquez, Culture Editor

A city like Pittsburgh can sometimes feel too big and too small all at once. This vibrant City, nestled in the western edge of Pennsylvania that we Pitt students call home, is a strange and wonderful place. But how exactly do you find things to do and places to go, in a city you might be unfamiliar with beyond the bounds of your dorm room?

Culture has that all covered for you. Here you can find coverage on the latest and tastiest Pittsburgh food festivals, guided stories to Schenley and Frick Park or a breakdown of Pitt’s upcoming student theater scene. But we’re also sure to keep you updated on all the bigger things happening on the world culture stage, with timely movie and TV reviews for whatever you’re watching. 

I can’t wait for you to read all the things we have in store for you this year. Without my staff, who are just as passionate about all things culture as I am, this desk would have little to show you. I’m just happy to get to work with them. 

My name is Diana Velasquez, I’m a rising junior majoring in english writing and classics, and I definitely know more about the MCU than anyone you know. I’m a tried and true Aries, I spend way too much time reading romance books and I can speak a little High Valyrian. If we ever meet, just ask to hear it and I’ll get all “khaleesi” on you.

I’ve worked at The Pitt News since my first semester at Pitt. As a culture writer I’ve had some of the most weird, heartwarming and exciting experiences here at Pitt. It’s sometimes hard to believe the amount of wonderful people I’ve encountered in this City.

I truly believe that without our food, art, music, movies and TV we wouldn’t be getting very far in life. There are things you do just to get through the day — your job, your chores and so on  — and then there are the things you live for. That’s what we report on here at the culture desk. 

Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] to talk about culture or share a story idea with me. I hope to hear from you!