Poetry | black girl ghazal


Ny’Ara Willis | Contributing Writer

Ny’Ara Willis poses in the mirror.

By Ny'Ara Willis, Staff Writer

black girl ghazal


“the days are long” for people like us.

landing face first, prolong for people like us.


withdrawals from stars, and moonlight

learning which doll I prefer, Bratz, for people like us


a honeybee the size of a quarter, walk around it

a consideration for life’s natural order, for people like us. 


“you have to work twice as hard” to make it

take this and do the opposite, for people like us. 


fairy wings upon her back like the ones upon the screen

stare into a void, explore, for people like us. 


fall into the tide of the ocean, float at the last moment

behold the path among you, for people like us. 


all the clouds, cannot be counted

drunk nights, vision clouded, for people like us.


chain smoke and romanticism

criticism, Ny’Ara, for people like us.