Editorial: Casual Fridays 1/28

By Staff Editorial

The kidney that ended the argument

Disputing theories and postulates is… The kidney that ended the argument

Disputing theories and postulates is something that university professors do best. Most of the time, these arguments are conducted civilly, but as a story out of Cal State Northridge teaches us, sometimes things can get messy. According to KTLA News, a math professor, allegedly engaged in a dispute with a colleague, is being accused of urinating on his opponent’s door on multiple occasions. Since the teacher specializes in algebraic geometry, we’re just wondering how he found himself in a fight over what’s clearly an issue in Nonverbal Communication.

Big science meets big uterus

In vitro fertilization is an artificial impregnation procedure commonly explored by couples with fertility problems. But rarely do would-be mothers visit fertility clinics for the purpose of cloning evolutionary relatives in their wombs. Regardless, according to CNN, female elephants seem to be thrilled with the idea. An international cadre of scientists is planning on using an African elephant’s womb to clone a woolly mammoth, a member of the species which was last seen on earth 12,000 years ago. The team will extract DNA from a preserved Russian mammoth carcass and insert the genetic information into the elephant’s egg cells, in hopes of having it birth a baby mammoth within six years. Scientists are also exploring whether these techniques can be used to bring back “Jurassic Park” star Jeff Goldblum’s career from the dead.

‘I do’ not want what you’re selling

For most women — and men — being on the other end of a marriage proposal can be flattering, satisfying or — in some cases — anxiety-provoking. But what if you were proposed to by a lover you’ve never met? According to the Daily Mail, a soldier likely stationed in Afghanistan left a proposal via voice mail for his girlfriend “Samantha,” or so he thought. Instead, his love message was received by an unrelated 44-year-old mother of three in the United Kingdom. Although in this situation the location of the soldier’s intended bride is an important question, a better one is: Why would this guy be proposing if he doesn’t know his girlfriend’s number?

Looking sharp

Considering all the dollars, time and Band-Aids required, few people look forward to the chore of shaving. One retired Baltimore police officer is so staunchly antagonistic toward the de-bearding process that he is now seeking millions in damages. According to the Baltimore Sun, the former officer is suing the Baltimore Police Department and the city for $17 million after he was allegedly forced to shave his beard to prepare for the 2008 arrival of President-elect Barack Obama in Baltimore. The man cited a skin condition called “pseudofolliculitis barbae,” or basically, irritating razor bumps. On the other hand, additional reports indicate the future leader of the free world was impressed with the new look.