Editorial | The best and worst things about this school year


Amaya Lobato | Staff Photographer

Students play spikeball in Schenley Plaza last month.

The 2021-22 is rapidly coming to an end and boy, was it eventful! We started the year with online classes and unseasonable weather and we’re ending it with in-person finals and more unseasonable weather — like, come on, it’s snowing in April? Here are some of our picks for the best and worst moments of the school year.

  • Best: The ACC Championship Football Win

Is anyone surprised this is our number one? Kenny Pickett and the football team’s efforts paid off in a historic win and a raucous celebration from Pitt students and fans alike. Not only was this a highlight of this year, but one for all of our college careers — everyone loves an underdog, especially one with small hands.

  • Worst: Having to take exams in person again

The only perk to an online year was taking exams from the comfort of our own homes and maybe having some notes nearby — it’s definitely not cheating if the notebook falls open to the right page and you happen to be sitting near it. Having to go back into big lecture halls and fill out bubbles on a scantron after a year without practice has not been great for our GPAs.

  • Best: Harry Styles’ supposed appearance on campus

Harry Styles was allegedly seen on campus this past fall during his Pittsburgh stop of “Love on Tour.” The lines around Cathy and near Roots of adoring fans, hoping to get a glimpse of him, were definitely entertaining. We’re only left wondering which Roots salad he ordered and if he’d come to Bigelow Bash next year — or any other members of One Direction.

Eva Rinaldi, Image via Wikimedia Commons
  • Worst: Welsfest

Welsfest, a block party that took place on — you guessed it, Welsford Street — in the fall was something like no other. The swarms of drunk people that police eventually had to shut down was “no Coachella,” as one tweet said. Despite some “Sweet Caroline” renditions, the block party became way out of control and came at a weird point in the pandemic.

  • Best: Our lives became somewhat normal again

Normalcy is relative, especially for those of us who began college during a pandemic. However, this year we were able to return to classes without masks and do most activities in person again. The only downside is that we have to get dressed out of pajamas and make sure we are on time to class again.

  • Worst: Our amazing seniors are graduating

The Pitt News is lucky to have so many great seniors who contribute to make a great newspaper. From sports to opinions to news, we are extremely lucky to have such amazing people who work with us and we are so sad to see them go — especially because it means we have to train new writers. We wish them all the best on their journeys beyond Pitt and we hope they remember that we are just one call away … if they want to come back and work here again.