Governor signs appropriation for Pitt funding into law


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The Cathedral of Learning seen from Schenley Plaza.

By Allison Radziwon, Assistant News Editor

Governor Tom Wolf signed Senate Bill 1284 on July 8, allowing for Pitt and other state related universities to receive funding for the 2022-2023 fiscal year. This comes after the Pennsylvania House of Representatives voted to pass the appropriation on July 7. 

Pitt released a statement about the vote on Monday, saying they were “grateful”. 

“We are grateful that lawmakers have chosen to preserve Pitt’s partnership with the state and the in-state tuition discount for our students and families,” the statement said. “We could not have arrived at this outcome without the support of our state leaders and our incredible University community, partners and supporters.”

Through the appropriation bill Pitt will receive nearly $152 million in funding for the upcoming academic year, which it will use to provide a tuition discount of about $15,000 annually to in-state students, according to Pittwire

Chancellor Patrick Gallagher said the University is “honored” to continue its partnership with the state.

“This funding—every penny—will continue to support our in-state tuition discount, which remains both a powerful benefit and life-changing investment in Pennsylvania’s students, families and future,” Gallagher said.