SGB reviews almost $30,000 in requests

By Marissa Meredyth

The Student Government Board heard a number of lengthy allocations requests that lasted for an… The Student Government Board heard a number of lengthy allocations requests that lasted for an hour and 25 minutes last night in Nordy’s Place. The requests totaled almost $30,000.

It was only the second meeting of the semester for the new 2011 Board. Throughout the evening, Board members interjected questions and criticisms about the requests, demonstrating how complicated the allocations process can be for student organizations and their leaders.

In a practice new to the Board, member Matthew Riehle read explanations after each vote explaining why the Board decided to amend or deny each financial request that it chose not to fund in full.

The multitude of votes — to amend some requests and deny or approve others — seemed to confuse some students. At one point in the evening, the president of Club Baseball, Rob Perkey, interrupted the Board.

“Can I have a clarification of what just happened?” Perkey asked.

Club Baseball had three requests, totaling $8,306.44. More than 15 team members showed up to see Perkey speak on their behalf, hoping the Board would approve funds for them to attend spring training in Florida.

During the exchange, Board member Lauren Jentleson questioned Perkey about allocations policy.

“Are you aware it is against policy to fund for any spring break trip?” Jentleson said. “And this is during spring break.”

Perkey, who remained calm, seemed quite knowledgeable about many allocation rules. He mentioned that in the past, training over spring break has always been funded.

Board President Molly Stieber asked Allocations Chair Mike Bane how the issue had been resolved in the past.

“It has been a gray area in the manual,” Bane said.

“Precedent has been to allow baseball and softball to be funded,” he added. If money is requested to fund “practice” — as opposed to a “trip” — it can be allowed.

In the end, Club Baseball received $6,040.84.

Before moving onto other unfinished business, Stieber spoke for a moment on precedent.

“It is a really interesting word,” she said. “It gets a little misconstrued and it is difficult to use in justification sometimes.”

“This is a new Board and new year,” Stieber said.

Stieber followed up on her campaign promise to extend knowledge of the allocations process to the student body by encouraging students, and particularly group leaders, to attend an Allocations 101 seminar this Saturday at 1 p.m. in the William Pitt Union, dining room A.

“Allocations doesn’t have to be scary and difficult to figure out,” she said. “I promise you will learn something.”

Lastly, as the time neared 10 p.m., the Board approved Resolution 0011 and voted in favor of changes to SGB bylaws. The main change was to incorporate SGB’s Code of Ethics into its bylaws.

Allocation Notes:

-Quo Vadis was denied the $1,393.36 it requested to attend a conference.

-Ski Team requested $953.50 to attend a competition. The request was postponed one week because no representative from the group attended the meeting.

-Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Club requested $2,006.08 to attend a conference. The request was amended.

-Muslim Students Association requested $2,076.94 for on-campus programming. It was allotted $634 and denied $1,442.94.

-Club Tennis Team requested $12,203.39 for practice space and team materials. It was allotted $5,954.75 and denied $6,248.64.

-Roller Hockey Club was allotted the $519.92 the group requested.