10 Pitt leaders salaries raised by 4.25%


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Chancellor Patrick Gallagher.

By Colm Slevin, Assistant News Editor

Ten Pitt leaders will receive a 4.25% salary increase this year. 

The Board of Trustees’ Compensation Committee approved the salary increase unanimously at a Dec. 21 meeting. Chancellor Patrick Gallagher recommended these raises based on an annual report he presented during the September Board of Trustees meeting.

This is the first pay bump for senior officers since 2020 due to uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19, according to Douglas Browning, the chair of the Compensation Committee. Gallagher and other senior members donated part of their 2020-21 salaries for student scholarships.

Gallagher, who will step down from his position this summer, will receive an increase of about $28,500 to earn $698,202 total.

There are nine other Pitt leaders who will receive a 4.25% raise. Their new salaries are:


  • Provost Ann Cudd, $495,670
  • Dean of Pitt’s School of Medicine Anantha Shekhar, $1,042,500
  • Senior Vice Chancellor for Research Rob Rutenbar, $441,946
  • Senior Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer Hari Sastry, $415,723
  • Senior Vice Chancellor for Business and Operations David DeJong, $427,425
  • Senior Vice Chancellor and Chief Legal Officer Geovette Washington, $446,183
  • Vice Chancellor and Secretary to the Board of Trustees Rosalyn Jones, $260,625
  • Chief Investment Officer Jeffer Choudhry, $729,750
  • Treasurer Paul Lawrence, $412,526