The best songs to add to your sex playlist


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A romantic candle-lit dinner.

By Maya Valletta, Staff Writer

With the season of love upon us, people are especially ready to get frisky and set the mood with some sensual songs. So turn off the lights and turn yourself on with the following tunes. 

Love is a Bitch” by Two Feet

There’s a specific vision for this song 一 a hot makeout sesh in the backseat of a vintage car, sitting on sticky leather seats with the windows steaming up by the second. With this song, it’s perfect. The slow guitar paired with the low baritone of Two Feet’s voice creates such a vibe it’s almost cinematic. 

Apocalypse” by Cigarettes After Sex

This one is smooth, sexy and sweet. Something about the light beat and the slow voice of the singer creates a romantic and soft energy. Definitely a song for a passionate night. 

Naked in Manhattan” by Chappell Roan

This is for all of my girlies out there who need a gay anthem. It’s also one of my favorite songs even out of the bedroom. Chappell Roan voices the curiosity of liking girls through this catchy, pop hit. 

Could’ve Been” by H.E.R.

Could’ve been us but you playing 一 unless this song can get us out of the streets and into the sheets? H.E.R has crafted numerous songs that are ideal for a bedroom playlist, and this song will get that slow burn going. 

Acquainted” by The Weeknd

Honestly, almost anything by The Weeknd could make this list, but the swells of The Weeknd’s voice and long notes puts this one above others. 

Sweat” by Zayn

Sweat it up to this slow and sensual song. Zayn vividly describes passionate shagging to a slow and saucy R&B beat which is sure to turn up the heat in the bedroom. 

Girls Need Love” by Summer Walker and Drake

As Drake says in the song, “Pleasure is not meant for one side.” Girls, say you need it now and get it going with this slow beat. 

Constellations” by Jade LeMac

Ms. Jade LeMac made this one filthy. The lyrics are like a smutty Wattpad book but very catchy, and she makes the nasty sound so poetic. The addicting rhythm and lyrics have me blasting this in my car by myself 一 I won’t even lie. 

Natural” by The Driver Era

This is more of an upbeat, rowdy song for a rather energetic and frantic night. Think 1 a.m. club dancing followed by long hours tangled in the sheets until the sun rises. The lyrics and beat ooze sex appeal, making it perfect for a long night. 

Yeah, I Said It” by Rihanna

Rihanna, the queen of chains and whips, makes what she wants explicitly clear with this song. This track is slow and sensual with one strong message 一 let’s get down and dirty. 

Swim” by Chase Atlantic

Get it on to this seductive track by Chase Atlantic. This number has energy and heat for a fast-paced night. 

Make Up Sex” by SoMo

Work out any conflicts with your significant other through a little hanky panky to this song. The lyrics are not only sexy, but the beat definitely sets the mood for the bedroom. 

Streets” by Doja Cat

The beginning of this song is an amazing build-up and really sets the tone for an amazing night of boning. The song continues with a mix of rap and singing from Doja Cat’s raspy voice to get things steamy between you and your partner.