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Love letters from Tuesday evening’s workshop in the Text and conText Lab of Hillman Library.

‘Love in Letters’ participants print labors of love on Hillman’s 19th-century press

By Livia Daggett, Contributing Editor February 16, 2024

Red is the quintessential color of love, festooning the first half of February each year. But according to Megan Massanelli, archives and special collections engagement and outreach librarian for the University...

A heart shaped lock attached to the fencing of the Schenley Bridge.

‘Unattractive’: Students share awkward dates

By Kelly McPoyle, Staff Writer February 15, 2024

Going on first dates can be intimidating or awkward at times. Aakanksha Wunnava went on one with high hopes but later found out her date had a big secret.  “I met this guy because he came up to me...

Flower bouquets at a grocery store in Buffalo Grove, Illinois.

Students celebrate all types of love this Valentine’s Day

By Ryleigh Lord and Colm Slevin February 15, 2024
Although Valentine’s Day is traditionally a day dedicated to celebrating romantic love, more and more people on campus are changing the narrative by using the day to recognize all types of love — including a love of eating chocolate.
Pitt’s Student Health Services in Nordenberg Hall.

Roundup of student reproductive, sexual health and safety resources

By Ryleigh Lord, News Editor February 15, 2024
In preparation for Valentine’s Day, The Pitt News has compiled a list of sexual and relationship resources for students.
Campus Life | Guide for Galentines Day

Campus Life | Guide for Galentine’s Day

By Shriya Yadamreddi, Senior Staff Writer February 14, 2024
This week on Campus Life, Shriya Yadamreddi talks about some things to do with the girls for Valentine's Day.
Pitt students steer situationships through murky waters

Pitt students steer situationships through murky waters

By Tanya Babbar, Senior Staff Writer February 14, 2024

When transfer student Natalee Hails was a first-year at Temple University last year, she saw a guy who took her to concerts, came to visit her at school and even met her family — but ultimately, he did...

A distraught student with a Valentine’s Day-themed background.

Opinion | Valentine’s Day is for people not in relationships, too

By Irene Moran, Staff Columnist February 12, 2024
If that class crush you have rejects you, take yourself on a date. If you find out that one friend that you started developing feelings for doesn’t have the same feelings for you, you definitely deserve to take yourself out on a date.
Opinion | Your soulmate is out there, and you’re going to find them

Opinion | Your soulmate is out there, and you’re going to find them

By Sarah Liez, Senior Staff Columnist February 14, 2023
In honor of Valentine’s Day — and for all who read this, whether they be happily single, in a relationship or longing for someone — I’d like to share my personal soulmate theory. I believe, wholeheartedly, that every person has a soulmate. In fact, I believe we have several because there are eight billion people on Earth, so aren’t we bound to have more than one?
A romantic candle-lit dinner.

The best songs to add to your sex playlist

By Maya Valletta, Staff Writer February 7, 2023
With the season of love upon us, people are especially ready to get frisky and set the mood with some sensual songs. So turn off the lights and turn yourself on with the following tunes.
The sign for Gidas Flower Shop on Forbes Avenue.

Gidas Flowers serves local lovebirds on Valentine’s Day

By Kendall Swift, Staff Writer February 16, 2022
Many students and community members went to Gidas Flowers searching for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift — whether it be for partners, friends or themselves.
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