Husband and wife indicted for smoke bombs and fireworks during Knowles protest


Kaylee Uribe | Staff Photographer

A smoke bomb lands on the ground at the second of two protests against a debate featuring Michael Knowles on campus Tuesday evening.

By Ryleigh Lord, News Editor

A husband and wife were charged with three indictments for dropping two smoke bombs and a firework at the protest that took place outside of the O’Hara Student Center during Michael Knowles’ debate on April 18. 

The indictment names Brian DiPippa (36) and Krystal DiPippa (40), who attended the protest and used the smoke bombs on people waiting in line to attend the event. They were charged with conspiracy and obstruction of law enforcement during civil disorder by the Department of Justice.  

The U.S. Attorney General’s office said Krystal DiPippa concealed her husband while he prepared and threw a firework into the crowd of police officers that were separating approximately 100 protestors from the attendees. 

If found guilty, the defendants may face up to ten years in prison.