The Cave Singers bring ‘Welcome Joy’ on second album

By Larissa Gula

The Cave Singers

Welcome Joy

Matador Records

Rocks Like: A toned down… The Cave Singers

Welcome Joy

Matador Records

Rocks Like: A toned down The Alternate Routes

Grade: B

The Cave Singers deserve to emerge into the spotlight. Welcome Joy is the Seattle-based band’s second album and a welcome new addition to the genre of indie folk. I’ll say this up front: This band knows its way around a guitar.

The Cave Singers boasts both a harmonious acoustic guitar and an electric guitar, and the guitarist knows how to manipulate both instruments to instill the right emotions in the listener. With such prevalent guitar playing, the songs match the instrument: simple, sweet, soft and emotional. They blend together to form a story meant to be heard in one go, so don’t turn off the iPod before it’s over — it’ll ruin the vibe. The album has a slow tempo overall, with only one song notably faster than the rest. There’s an echo throughout the album adding an element of folk sound and mystery.

Even if this means it’s not always possible to understand the lyrics, the great guitar makes up for the lost words. There are also harmonicas and other blues and folk instruments introduced at certain points, but really, the guitar steals the show.

Though the album will not revolutionize the genre, it will still be a “welcome joy” for The Cave Singers and indie folk fans alike.