Letter to the Editor: 11/10/2014

By Taryn Haas

Dear Editor,

While I appreciate the author of the “basics” article in trying to lessen the girl-on-girl hate that frequently happens, I do not think the author is correct in her assessment of the problem. While I have never heard, or used, the term “basic” in reference to a woman who wears UGG boots, leggings and drinks Starbucks while sporting expensive accessories, I can understand why the term exists as one of derision. The author tries to make “basic” out as a way of women criticizing other women for their choice of wearing these things and partaking in expensive coffee, which misses the issue entirely. Namely, that these “basic” women aren’t making a choice – they’re following a trend because it’s exactly that: a trend. They don’t make the decision. They don’t say “this is who I think I really, truly am.” They, rather, ignore the choice altogether and follow what is easiest. This is obviously a bit of a harsh view, but I think there are instances of it that warrant criticism, mainly when these women simply aren’t choosing anything.

I am wholeheartedly for women banding together, but, at the same time, we need to recognize those that are working against feminism, whether they realize it or not. That is not to say that these people should be ridiculed or hated but, rather, should be educated on the subject (though it’s hard to believe they aren’t aware of the issues already) and if they then actually make a choice for their lifestyle, do not criticize.

Taryn Haas


Deitrich School of Arts & Sciences

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