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Tips for a comfortable, cheap tailgate before the game

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Tips for a comfortable, cheap tailgate before the game

By Megan Wholey / For The Pitt News

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Tailgates are a quintessential part of the college experience, and with Homecoming weekend upon us, many students are planning for the biggest tailgate event of the fall.

So how can tailgaters tackle the best of casual fall fashion? 

Follow these three steps, and you’ll make blue and gold fashion both comfortable and cost-effective.


 Keep comfort in mind

Tailgate attire is meant to be casual, and for good reason. While it may be tempting to break out those cute new shoes you’ve been dying to wear, leave them at home. Remember that you will be standing outside for hours on end, and there is nothing more likely to send your day south than physical discomfort. Instead, opt for comfortable shoes and loose-fitting clothes that allow ample room for movement. After all, cheering on your team is of the utmost importance. 

With that said, don’t get too comfortable. Avoid sweatpants and clothing you could possibly wear to bed. You don’t have to sacrifice style on behalf of comfort. There are plenty of comfortable clothing items — jeans, sweaters or leggings — that don’t skimp on style. Luckily for this year’s tailgaters, sneakers are a staple of 2014 street style.


 Support your team and school

 Even if you’re not necessarily an avid football fan, tailgates present the perfect opportunity to show off school spirit, so plan accordingly. 

If you don’t own spirit wear, don’t rush out and buy a $100 Pitt jersey. A more cost-effective way of supporting your team is to experiment with the clothing and accessories you already have. Check your closet for your team’s colors. Perhaps even consider festive nail art to match the outfit.


 Be aware of weather conditions

Fortunately, you can expect good fall weather this weekend, but it’s always smart to bring a warm, waterproof jacket. Sopping wet hair and attire is never a good look — or very comfortable.

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Tips for a comfortable, cheap tailgate before the game