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Bombay Curry House reopens after receiving health permit

By Dale Shoemaker / News Editor

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After a brief closure, the Bombay Curry House is open for business — again.

The new Indian restaurant in Oakland, which filled Mi Ranchito’s vacancy at 346 Atwood St. on May 29, reopened Friday after the Allegheny County Health Department issued a health permit to the restaurant. The Health Department previously shut down Bombay Curry on June 2 for operating without a health permit and violating several food safety regulations, including using a dishwasher that didn’t adequately sanitize dishes and using an inadequate sneeze guard.

Rafiq Shaikh, owner of Bombay Curry House, confirmed Thursday, June 4 that the Health Department had closed his restaurant, but said he was one day away from complying. He was waiting on his permit from the Health Department, he said, which he expected to receive later that day.

Donna Scharding, a representative from the Health Department, confirmed in an email Friday morning that the Health Department had issued a permit to Bombay Curry on Thursday and that the restaurant was in compliance with regulations and able to reopen Friday.

“Necessary corrections were made and a health permit was issued, permitting the owner to operate the food facility,” Scharding said.

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Bombay Curry House reopens after receiving health permit