Casual Fridays

Fear in fur


A suspect was taken into custody by police in Seattle, Wash., after he threatened a doorman with a ferret. According to the police report, the doorman, who works for a neighborhood bar, had seen the suspect several weeks earlier walking down the street holding his pet ferret. On other occasions, when the doorman would see the man and his ferret, he would step inside the bar to avoid them. Eventually, the suspect figured out why the doorman was avoiding him and would enter the bar, stand very close to the doorman and extend the ferret toward him. On the most recent occasion, the suspect and the doorman got into an altercation that involved the suspect pointing a can of pepper spray at the doorman, in addition to his ferret. When police arrested him, the suspect pointed the pepper spray at an officer before it was taken away from him. He was arrested on charges of assault against an officer and harassment. Maybe next time the suspect will reconsider bringing a ferret to a gun fight.


Baby got Bach


This summer, Sir Mix-a-Lot will be performing a new type of music: classical. The Seattle Symphony will be performing an orchestrated version of the rapper’s hit “Baby Got Back.” Sir Mix-a-Lot is scheduled to rap onstage while the orchestra plays. The selection is part of a series called Sonic Evolution. The series creates new classical pieces based on the music of Seattle musicians. Hopefully, during the performance this summer, none of the instruments will suffer broken G-strings.


Love is in the air


The Brightwater Wastewater Treatment Center, located near Seattle, Wash., is advertising itself as a wedding venue. According to the center’s Facebook page, it offers a catering kitchen, videography equipment, a dance floor and parking. Couples have the option to hold the wedding outside, as well. One couple has already reserved the venue for their wedding. Hopefully the caterers are not the same people who work in the water treatment center.


Method acting


A current lawsuit in Los Angeles claims that “The Wolf of Wall Street” was financed with embezzled money from foreign countries. The film production company Red Granite is being sued by Brad Krevoy and Steve Stabler, producers of the film “Dumb and Dumber,” for being excluded from the sequel, “Dumb and Dumber To,” which is currently in production. They also claim that Red Granite performed racketeering. The majority of Red Granite’s investors come from the Middle East and Asia, and Krevoy and Stabler claim the invested funds came from “proceeds from offenses against a foreign nation.” The producers claim that Red Granite’s funding of “The Wolf of Wall Street” was used in order to conceal the embezzled funds. We’re not sure how Red Granite will respond to these allegations, but our suggestion is a simple one:  “The Wolf of Wall Street” is not a movie, it’s performance art.