Casual Fridays 1/24/2013

By The Pitt News Editorial Staff

No passing zone

A man on a delivery bike received the surprise of his life when he was hit by a car and the driver didn’t stop — even though the biker was lodged in the windshield facing the driver. The cyclist, Steven Gove, addressed the driver after he was struck, but the driver did not notice and continued driving, even hitting another car before arriving home. Only then did the driver realize Gove was wedged in the windshield. Gove pulled himself the rest of the way through the windshield and began walking down the road before a witness to the accident offered to drive him to the hospital. The driver has not been formally charged, but is facing several preliminary charges. Perhaps the driver mistook Gove’s right-hand turn signal for the universal sign for hitchhiking.

Tasty terrarium

A chef in Florida is making a name for himself because of the unconventional pizzas he makes. Evan Daniell is topping his unique pies with pieces of python, alligator and frog. The “Everglades Pizza,” as Daniell named it, has met with great success, even though one pizza will set you back about $50. In the future, Daniell plans to create a roadkill pizza topped with raccoon and armadillo. A decade ago, this would’ve been known as “Fear Factor.” My, how far we’ve come. 

Pizza face

A couple in England made Domino’s Pizza a part of their wedding day in an unconventional way: They had two pizzas made with their faces on them. Artist Nathan Wyburn spent more than three hours recreating the bride and groom’s faces out of pizza toppings, including tomatoes, ham and corn, before the pies were eaten by guests at the reception. Now that’s amore.

Cool beans

After being popularly requested by customers for decades, Jelly Belly is releasing a beer-flavored jelly bean. The flavor, which does not contain any alcohol, took three years to develop. The beer jelly bean joins Jelly Belly’s other adult beverage flavors, including pina colada and margarita. According to the company, the flavor profile of the bean is “clean with notes of wheat and a touch of sweetness.” No matter what the jelly bean tastes like, it can’t be worse than the buttered popcorn flavor.

Don’t tell me you’re too blind to see

A high school student took the trend of “rickrolling”  to a new level: He hid the lyrics to Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” in his quantum physics paper. Sairam Gudiseva strategically wrote his paper so the first word of every line on the page reads the chorus to the popular song. In the essay, which was about Danish scientist Niels Bohr, the lyrics are virtually impossible to notice unless you know they are there. Gudiseva posted a picture of his essay on Twitter, where it has received over 38,000 retweets. Full commitment is clearly what Gudiseva was thinking of.