Casual Fridays 10/11/2013

By The Pitt News Editorial Staff

Yo, dawg, I heard you like coffins …

A man from Bardstown, Ky. placed an unusual item for sale on Craigslist: a coffin car. The macabre motor vehicle is selling for the low price of $1,500. There is no word of why the man had the car built or why he is trying to sell it. We can only imagine it was part of a “Pimp My Ride” Halloween special.

Caulk the truck and float

In New South Wales, Australia, 18-year-old Cameron Blaseotto had a surprise when he found a platypus wedged in the engine of his truck. Blaseotto had driven his truck through the Murrumbidgee River when the mammal became lodged in the engine. The animal remained in the engine for the entirety of Blaseotto’s nine-mile drive home, where it was later discovered under the hood. Rangers were called and, after the animal was deemed unharmed, it was released back into the wild. Now Phineas and Ferb can stop asking, “Where’s Perry?”


Lexington, Mass., native Russell Laman received an unconventional dental cleaning in Bali, Indonesia. The 13-year-old was scuba diving with his father when he decided to open his mouth underwater and allow cleaner shrimp to pick his teeth clean. Hopefully Laman’s underwater adventure doesn’t inspire a line of shrimp cocktail-flavored toothpaste.

Bee careful

A Packwood, Wash., woman was run over by her own car as she tried to escape from a bee. Donna Rowe-Breidstein was getting into her Ford Explorer when she was stung by a bee. In her rush to run away from the insect, she fell and her SUV ran over her leg. Rowe-Breidstein was airlifted to a Seattle hospital where she was treated. From the sound of it, her entire situation really stings.

Flee-wood Mac

A drunk driver in Ohio led police on a short chase after they tried to pull him over for reckless driving. Randall Miller had just exited a McDonald’s drive-thru when police initiated the traffic stop. Instead of pulling over, Miller continued to drive for a short distance before stopping. Miller apologized to the police, saying that he wanted to finish his Big Mac before he pulled over. We suppose this gives a new meaning to the term “fast food.”