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Pittsburgh Folk Festival dishes culture, cuisine in Schenley Plaza

Heather Parrish / Staff Photographer.

By Annabelle Hanflig and Salina Pressimone / The Pitt News Staff

September 5, 2016

When Dalel Khalil, a Pitt alum and Syrian-American, visited Pittsburgh’s annual Folk Festival five years ago, she noticed a lack of Syrian representation. So, she decided to set up her own culture and cuisine booth. A lifetime Oakland resident, Khalil grew up on Atwood Street and helped her f...

A Brave New Major: Pitt’s Literature Department Provides Students with Accessibility, Flexibility in Redesign

Terry Tan / Senior Staff Illustrator.

By Amanda Reed / Staff Writer

September 1, 2016

Leading up to last school year’s “Year of the Humanities,” Pitt’s English literature major hadn’t changed much in the past two decades. Compared to other English programs across the country — now emphasizing independent research and study abroad opportunities — literature majors had...

Pittsburgh Museum Guide

Jingyu Xi / For The Pitt News

By TPN Staff

August 16, 2016

Lexi Kennell / Staff Writer Carnegie Museum of Art With multiple exhibits in circulation, it’s hard not to spend hours soaking up the original works of Claude Monet and Jean Dunand in the Carnegie Museum of Art. The Carnegie Museum of Art is located on Forbes Avenue, across the street and...

Soaking up Three Rivers: local artists and performers converge at annual Arts Festival

Kate Koenig | Visual Editor

By Matt Maielli / Staff Writer

June 7, 2016

People huddled around a blocked-off street in front of a stage Downtown, clapping for a partially obscured performance. At the center was The Famtrons, a traveling break-dancing troupe of all black members in teal basketball shorts. The crew’s director was a charismatic leader who answered to the...

Black art matters: Pitt founds center on black poetry

Michelle Reagle | Contributing Editor

By Amanda Reed / Staff Writer

April 25, 2016

With the Center for African American Poetry and Poetics, Dawn Lundy Martin wants to make Pitt the place people go to study black poetry. “We want to help to really put that MFA program on the map so that if you’re a black poet, the very first place that you would apply to and your top choice wo...

All work, one play: Redeye Film Festival

Courtesy of Redeye

By Noah Coco / Staff Writer

April 18, 2016

Not all passion projects last 24 hours, but they do for students participating in Pitt’s Redeye Theatre Project. Twenty-nine students participated in the Redeye Theatre Project, a 24-hour theater festival where students work as playwrights, directors or actors. The project kicked off at 8 p.m. Fr...

What not to miss on campus this week

By Jack Trainor / Culture Editor

April 12, 2016

Donald Trump’s Wednesday visit may be grabbing all the local headlines, but his isn’t the only event worth noting this week. The second to last week of class doesn’t usually garner the same amount of  excitement as the last, but it’s hard not to get excited, as this week offers, among other events, an Acad...

Sojourning exhibit shares LGBTQ+ journeys

John Hamilton | Staff Photographer

By Jack Shelly / Staff Writer

March 23, 2016

A new exhibit is flipping the script on LGBTQ+ awareness — letters and photos of encouragement will come not from the accepted, but from the accepting. The exhibit, titled “Acceptance Journeys Pittsburgh,” is on display around campus, with two to four narratives stopping in Posvar Hall, Parran Hall...

Reexamining humanities’ role

Reexamining humanities' role

By Rio Maropis / Staff Writer

March 17, 2016

What it means to be a human doesn’t warrant a black-and-white response. Monday’s “Poetry and Race: How the Humanities Engage with Social Problems” will highlight this theme by examining how African-American poetry engages with contemporary social issues, like police violence. As part of Pi...

Radiating beauty bears warning: exhibit at Pitt cautions of nuclear hazards

Takashi's work shows captures radioactive material on everyday objects

By Noah Coco / Staff Writer

March 14, 2016

Although the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster occurred on the other side of the world, photographer Morizumi Takashi is bringing the fallout close to home. An ethereal beauty spills out from Takashi’s photographs of radiation-poisoned objects, but hidden beneath the visual allure is...

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