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New musical ’21’ explores life and mystique of Clemente

New musical '21' explores life and mystique of Clemente

By Sam Bojarski / Staff Writer

October 15, 2014

It took Alki Steriopoulos more than 30 years to transform the inspiration from his near-death experience into a full-blown musical. But now that his musical, “21,” is slated to premiere at Pittsburgh Playhouse between Friday, Oct. 17 and Sunday, Oct. 26, his finished product couldn’t come at a...

Panther Card every Pitt student’s pass to free entertainment

By Jack Trainor / Staff Writer

May 28, 2014

Getting around in a big city can be confusing for a lot of students, especially freshmen who are leaving a small town for the first time. Here’s a piece of advice: Keep your student ID (Panther Card) on you at all times — more so than your newly acquired just-for-college credit card, but try not...

Oakland offers students variety of diverse eating

By Richard Koppenaal / Staff Writer

May 28, 2014

Upon arriving in Oakland, the number of places to eat can be a bit overwhelming for a first-time Pitt student. With an enormous dining hall and places such as Chick-fil-A, Burger King and Einstein Bros Bagels all available on a meal plan, newcomers may laugh at the idea of eating anywhere else. However,...

The A&E Staff reviews Pitt’s freshman dorm offerings

The A&E Staff reviews Pitt's freshman dorm offerings

By The A&E Staff

May 28, 2014

The Pitt News A&E staff reviews all of Pitt’s freshman dorms in the style of a movie, album or video game review.  Disclaimer: Since none of our staff lived in or was familiar with Forbes Hall, we were not qualified to weigh in.Litchfield TowersGrade: B+With the recent addition of Nordenberg Hall, the ...

Weekly Rundown: 5/28 – 6/3

By The A&E Staff

May 27, 2014

Wednesday, May 28Steel PantherStage AE400 North Shore Drive, North ShoreTime: 7:00 p.m. doorsAdmission: $25 advance / $27 doorsSteel Panther, the farcical heavy metal heavyweights, stop in Pittsburgh to support their latest full-length album, All You Can Eat. Wednesday marks the second trip to Stage AE in as ma...

‘Million Dollar Arm’: Bernstein’s new approach to MLB starmaking

'Million Dollar Arm': Bernstein's new approach to MLB starmaking

By Shawn Cooke / A&E Editor

May 20, 2014

Call it the magic of movies — or, more specifically, Disney movies — but it’s not every day that the self-proclaimed “Least Sexy Man in the World” can co-exist in the same body as one of People Magazine’s “Sexiest Men Alive.”Disney’s latest live-action feature, “Million Dollar Arm,” manage...

Walk-up music a crucial fixture for Pirates players

Andrew McCutchen (22) batted 20 runs for the Pittsburgh Pirates in September. Matt Hawley | Staff Photographer

By Shawn Cooke / A&E Editor

May 7, 2014

Whenever Pittsburgh Pirates closer Jason Grilli emerges from the outfield to wrap up a game at PNC Park, no matter what the situation might be, there’s always an element of consistency.Much like Mariano Rivera’s adoption of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman,” Grilli finds motivation from a steady ...

Unblurred blends art, activism and entertainment

Unblurred blends art, activism and entertainment

By Jack Trainor / Staff Writer

April 17, 2014

Laura Jean McLaughlin’s old bookstore-turned-studio is one of the many local treasures on display during this month’s Unblurred, Garfield’s gallery crawl event.“Today’s his favorite day,” McLaughlin said, referring to her cat who was receiving almost as much attention from visitors as McLaughli...

Dear Kelly – April 10, 2014

By A&E Staff

April 9, 2014

Dear Kelly,All of my teachers keep sending me OMET surveys and I don’t know what to do. I tried to ignore the initial emails, but they keep sending reminder emails, too. Even my online class sent one out! My inbox is filling up. Please help!-#OMETprobzDear #OMETprobz,I feel your pain. I, too, have re...

Shabazz Palaces offshoot less avant-garde than it thinks

By John Lavanga / A&E Editor

April 9, 2014

I’ll admit, I’ve always been skeptical of the Pitchfork media darlings. Give a band that vaunted “Best New Music” label and I’m certain to play contrarian to the Internet’s most respected team of tastemaking contrarians. Perhaps it’s the reactionary in me — the plain and simple fact ...

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