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Comedian Dave Chapelle.

Opinion | You don’t need to be problematic to be funny

By Rachel Soloff, Assistant Opinions Editor October 27, 2021
Problematic jokes aren’t edgy — they are bigotry disguised as humor and have no place in comedy today.
The 2020 season of “Saturday Night Live” features Jim Carrey as Joe Biden. Chris

Opinion | ‘Saturday Night Live’ is in decline

By Rachel Soloff, Staff Columnist October 26, 2020
Long-running sketch show “SNL” relies too heavily on its celebrity guest stars and less on the writing and the cast.
Opinion | Now is the time for humor

Opinion | Now is the time for humor

By Allison Dantinne, Senior Staff Columnist April 19, 2020
Humor is important. Not just fun. Not just enjoyable. In a war, humor is the first to perish. It is vital we maintain our desire for humor today and every day following. 
Staff Picks: Podcast Recommendations

Staff Picks: Podcast Recommendations

By The Pitt News Staff July 9, 2019
Podcasts have gained popularity recently, with many gaining widespread critical acclaim, such as the true crime podcast “Serial,” or even being adapted into television shows, like “Homecoming,” starring Julia Roberts.
Comedian Seth Meyers.

Seth Meyers brings ‘Late Night’ comedy to Homestead

By Elizabeth Martinson, Staff Writer June 18, 2019
As the host of the fourth iteration of Late Night on NBC and a former Saturday Night Live cast member, Seth Meyers has spent a good amount of time in New York City. But the comedian found some time Friday to visit his “ancestral home” of Pittsburgh, hosting back-to-back stand-up shows in Homestead.
Trevor Noah at a “Loud and Clear” performance in Ohio.

Trevor Noah brings laughs to Pittsburgh

By Elizabeth Martinson, Staff Writer June 4, 2019
Following a slickly produced video that was a cross between a pump-up video and an ad, Trevor Noah walked on stage to raucous applause from the audience at the Petersen Events Center Friday.
Senior English writing major Lorenzo Disilvio performs at Pitt Program Council’s “So You Think You’re Funny” comedy competition Wednesday night.

Hambone’s a comedy springboard for student comics

By Kieran McLean, Staff Writer December 6, 2018
Stand-up comedy can be isolating. Two Pittsburgh comedians are trying to change that with Burning Bridges, a club for aspiring comedians that operates out of Hambone's Bar.
Senior computer science major Tyler Bobik recounts his family’s stories of bowel incontinence at Wednesday night’s stand-up comedy open mic event. (Photo by Thomas Yang | Visual Editor)

Student stand-ups take the mic

By Zachary Donovan | Staff Writer March 22, 2018

The crowd erupted in laughter as Nektarios Kasamias — whose parents immigrated from Greece — regaled them with tales of white friends who wished they had “more ethnicity.” “[They’re like,]...

(Illustration by Rick Steinhauser/TNS)

Review: Pitt Stages puts modern spin on Little Shop of Horrors

By Amanda Reed | Contributing Editor February 15, 2018

Upon walking into the Charity Randall Theatre in Oakland Friday night, I was immediately transported from the dreary Pittsburgh weather to the even drearier Skid Row. But after two hours there, I didn’t...

Comedian Colin Jost performs a stand-up routine at Pitt Program Council’s “An Evening with Colin Jost” Thursday evening. (Photo by Kyleen Considine | Senior Staff Videographer)

Colin Jost jokes about Pitt, pot and primates

By Briana Canady | For The Pitt News February 9, 2018

Colin Jost was both surprised and delighted to find an article about an infected lab monkey that allegedly escaped from its cage in a campus research lab as the first result on Google when he searched...

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