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‘Black Mirror’ reflects cruel U.S. crime system

(Illustration by Liam McFadden | Staff Illustrator)

By Will Schulman | Columnist

January 25, 2018

Growing up was difficult enough with two living parents — I can’t imagine reaching adulthood with only one of them. What’s truly unimaginable, though, is growing up with your parent’s consciousness trapped inside a stuffed monkey. If this sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, you’re cl...

Off-year election marks desire for criminal justice reform

(Illustration by Abby Katz | Staff Illustrator)

By Ben Sheppard | Columnist

November 16, 2017

Despite our national representatives’ inability to agree on anything, the Nov. 7 off-year elections showed that the nation at large is united by at least one thing — criminal justice reform. Pittsburghers are fed up with archaic strategies of criminal justice  — and Mik Pappas is their new refor...

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