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Satire | Dispatches from a South Oakland dog

Columnist Anne-Marie Yurik poses with her dog, Texas Ted.

By Anne Marie Yurik, Staff Columnist

September 13, 2020

Read about the South Oakland adventures of your soon-to-be favorite 12-pound pooch, Ted, as he takes on the mean streets of Pittsburgh.

April Fools edition | What my dog recommends doing during quarantine

Alex’s yellow lab, Wrecks Goliath, lies in a mud puddle.

By Alex Dolinger, Staff Columnist

March 31, 2020

These are exciting times. There’s one riveting event after another these days, and I’m here to share some things you can do to have a life as exciting as dear, sweet Wrecks. 

Opinion | Students leave gift of stress management unopened

Opinion | Students leave gift of stress management unopened

By Julia Kreutzer, For The Pitt News

December 10, 2018

The Cathedral commons and dorm rooms are filled with Christmas trees, Hanukkah menorahs and dazzling twinkle lights, but students must survive finals week before they can truly “Deck the Halls.” During the week of finals, thousands of students spend countless hours holed up in Hillman Library while cr...

Students’ lovable pet companions: A hassle and a help

Sophomore studio arts major Ruth-Riley Collins poses her dog Rigsby for a photo on a sunny day in Schenley Plaza.

By Emma Maurice and Maggie Medoff

November 15, 2018

Finding the apartment with the right number of bedrooms and fits into a your budget is hard enough — but adding pets into the mix makes it even harder.

Isle of Dogs delights with animation, disappoints with representation

“Isle of Dogs.

By Vikram Sundar | Staff Writer

April 12, 2018

Wes Anderson has once again proven himself to be one of the most visually innovative auteurs in cinema with his latest film, “Isle of Dogs.” Set in a futuristic Japan, “Isle of Dogs” tells the tale of a headstrong 12-year-old boy named Atari, voiced by Koyu Rankin, who searches for his beloved d...

Service dogs help students succeed

Claire Ozolek's therapy dog, Lexi, provides her with psychiatric and mobile assistance. (Photo by Roger Tu | Staff Photographer)

By Nina Kneuer | For The Pitt News

September 25, 2017

Claire Ozolek’s best friend, Lexi, has big eyes and a hard-working disposition. She also has a tail and four legs and works as Ozolek’s service dog. “I mean it sounds cliche, but she is really my best friend,” Ozolek said. Ozolek — a senior psychology major at Pitt — and Lexi ha...

Pets of Pitt: students find furry friends on campus

Fifth-year Pitt student Georgia Vidal pets her cat, Winston, on the windowsill of her Bates Street house. (Photo by Jordan Mondell | Contributing Editor)

By Prachi Patel / Staff Writer

July 3, 2017

Winston prowls around a house on Bates Street — meowing, knocking things over with his black-and-white paws and chewing on the mail. For Georgia Vidal, a college student with a limited budget, housing space and time, her cat is a handful. Vidal, a fifth-year senior majoring in media and professional co...

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