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Staff picks: Halloween movies

Staff picks: Halloween movies

By TPN Staff

October 23, 2017

With hundreds of thousands of Halloween titles to rifle through online, the thought of missing out on the spookiest movies can be frightening. And with Halloween in about a week, there isn’t a better time to sit back with friends, snack on overpriced candy from Rite Aid and nervously laugh at scary m...

Pittsburgh’s indie theaters set themselves apart

Pittsburgh’s indie theaters set themselves apart

By Matt Maielli / Contributing Editor

August 21, 2017

Chain theaters and popular franchises are fatiguing after a while — remakes, reboots and sequels, oh my — so why not attend a classic film marathon in a single screen theater to refresh your cinematic palette. Here’s a short list of local, independent theaters that offer both mainstream releases,...

The A&E staff picks the four most essential horror films

By The Pitt News A&E Staff

October 30, 2013

This week, the Pitt News A&E staff sealed themselves in their clandestine war room located somewhere beneath the Allegheny River and spent countless hours screaming at each other, chugging Cherikee Red and coming dangerously close to asphyxiating due to a lack of ventilation. The goal was to answer o...

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