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Art installations, like the deer head featured here, are revitalizing the abandoned Carrie Furnace, along with walls of legal graffiti.

TPN x Nazareth Prep | Carrie Furnace: National landmark, graffiti hotspot

By Katie Donohue and Riyan Russell February 22, 2019
Carrie Furnace was one of the world's top steel furnaces. Today, it is home to some of Pittsburgh's most thriving graffiti.
The 9-mile Run Trail in Duck Hollow is a popular destination for runners, hikers and others looking to enjoy the outdoors. (Photos by Thomas Yang | Visual Editor)

Duck Hollow: Pittsburgh’s smallest neighborhood

By Cassidy Power | Staff Writer April 17, 2018

There’s only one way in and out of Pittsburgh’s smallest neighborhood — a one-lane bridge marred with potholes and streaked with graffiti. Duck Hollow was founded 140 years ago as housing for...

Two females not affiliated with the University were arrested in connection with graffiti on Meyran Avenue Tuesday morning. John Hamilton | Contributing Editor

Suspects arrested in connection with Meyran vandalism

Pitt police arrested two women Tuesday in connection with graffiti painted on sidewalks, vehicles and houses on Meyran Avenue. Pitt police noticed freshly painted graffiti at 4:05 a.m. Tuesday while...

Graffiti in Kensington Market in downtown Toronto. Courtesy of Christian Lavallee

Regardless of the law, consider graffiti as legitimate art

By Elise Lavallee | Columnist April 7, 2017

In America, graffiti is often a staple of disadvantaged communities, associated with crime and poverty, and generally unwanted. But in some places, where the culture and atmosphere differs, graffiti...

Carrie Furnace is a local hot spot for local graffiti.  Elaina Zachos | Staff Writer

Tag you’re it: City split over value of graffiti art

By Elaina Zachos / Staff Writer November 2, 2015

On the street, Alicia Carberry hunts for fresh paint. Sporting a bright green shirt stamped “volunteer,” the Bloomfield resident of four years sets out on her second graffiti paint-out with the Southside...

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