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Past winners of Homecoming king and queen.

Opinion | Homecoming should always be gender neutral

By Nina Santucci, Staff Columnist September 21, 2021
Homecoming court needs to be ungendered in order to give all students an opportunity to be royal and to feel properly represented by their school.
Pitt will no longer use the gendered titles homecoming king and queen.

Pitt removes “antiquated” gendered homecoming king and queen titles

By Rebecca Johnson, News Editor September 24, 2020
Pitt’s Alumni Association removed the gendered titles of homecoming king and queen for this October’s homecoming festivities and are instead opting for two gender-inclusive “Spirit of Pitt” winners.
Satire: Vote The Pigeons for Homecoming Court

Satire: Vote The Pigeons for Homecoming Court

By Allison Dantinne, Senior Staff Columnist October 23, 2019
Consider voting for The Pigeons on the Corner of Fifth and Bouquet, Where Those Benches and That Grass Are.
Homecoming should build community, scrap outdated traditions

Homecoming should build community, scrap outdated traditions

By Angela Koontz, For The Pitt News October 4, 2018
Homecoming court and football games are fun traditions, but they don’t make the most of what homecoming has to offer. Smaller networking events are better to help students interact with alumni.
Down with the monarchy

Down with the monarchy

By Grace McGinness, Staff Columnist October 3, 2018
There is no place for homecoming court in 2018. That may sound harsh, but after all it’s just a silly tradition for students who want to have fun.
Last-minute picks for homecoming court

Last-minute picks for homecoming court

By Brian Gentry, Contributing Editor October 3, 2018
The nominees for homecoming court are decided, and it’s too late for any last-second additions. But there’s so many contestants who were disqualified just because they’re not students — and many would totally win if they could enter. If I could decide Pitt’s homecoming king and queen, these would be my choices.
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