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Column | Shocked but not horrified at the Academy’s nominations

Lupita Nyong'o in

By Delilah Bourque, Culture Editor

January 16, 2020

This is another in a long line of horror movies getting completely ignored by one of the most prestigious awarding bodies in the world.

Horror movie classics should be standard for scares

(Illustration by Garrett Aguilar | Staff Illustrator)

By Maggie Durwald | For The Pitt News

November 3, 2017

Johnny and Barbara arrive at their father’s grave in rural Pennsylvania, a storm brewing in the distance. A gaunt, staggering man approaches silently across the landscape of headstones. He murders Johnny. Barbara flees. The man — a zombie — gives chase. Her brother’s last, teasing words of warni...

Movie murderers make killer crushes

(Illustration by Raka Sarkar | Senior Staff Illustrator)

By Henry Glitz and Jaime Viens | The Pitt News Staff

October 31, 2017

In a darkened movie theater, a pale face appears, grinning evilly from the depths of a sewer grate. A masked man in a dark jumpsuit stalks menacingly down a corridor with a knife. A creepy loner stares fixedly at a female guest over the front desk of a motel in the middle of nowhere. Most of the audi...

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