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A bulletin board outside of the Less-Commonly-Taught Languages Center.

Pitt’s Center for African Studies adds three new African languages

By Gabriella Garvin, Senior Staff Writer October 20, 2023

Beginning this semester, Pitt students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in two new African languages, with one more on the way in the spring. At the beginning of the fall semester, Pitt’s...

Opinion | Language is a free-for-all and you should make up more words

Opinion | Language is a free-for-all and you should make up more words

By Thomas Riley, Opinions Editor October 8, 2023
We should not submit to the restrictions of the dictionary and instead make up new words as we see fit.
A United States passport.

International TEFL Academy expands opportunities for recent graduates

By Gabriella Garvin, Staff Writer October 25, 2022
The International TEFL Academy started in 2010 to help people learn to teach English as a foreign language. It offers a four-week series of educational training sessions that are available in the U.S., Latin America, Asia and Europe.
A Pitt student texts about homework at the William Pitt Union on Sunday evening.

Opinion | Texting is a language of its own

By Anita Bengert, For The Pitt News December 10, 2021
Informal literacy is emerging and allows a new era of writers to explore their creative style.
Opinion | Why women should say b—ch more

Opinion | Why women should say b—ch more

By Anna Fischer, For The Pitt News September 15, 2021
Those that linguistic sexism targets must have reclamation.
Cam Newton became the target of people who just dont like “showboating” and celebrations.

Language should bolster Black athletes in sports

By Stephen Thompson, Sports Editor July 7, 2020
A 15-1 record, more than 4,500 total yards and 45 touchdowns, each one capped with a spirited end zone dance and football gifted to a child in the stands. But inevitably, Newton became the target of people who just don't like all the darn “showboating” and celebrations.
Merriam-Webster announced via Twitter on Tuesday that the pronoun “they” can now be used in reference to a “single person whose gender identity is nonbinary.”

Editorial: Merriam-Webster is helping legitimize non binary language

By The Pitt News Editorial Board September 17, 2019
The move by Merriam-Webster, announced via Twitter on Tuesday, lends legitimacy to a term that is liberating for many nonbinary people who don’t identify with traditionally male and female pronouns.
Mexican author Valeria Luiselli at Hay Festival 2016.

Opinion | Know violence in vocabulary

By Leah Mensch, Staff Columnist March 19, 2019
In Mexico City, Valeria Luiselli is a name most households know and love. In the United States, the author is lesser known, though that’s begun to change.
“Something Like Home,” a documentary created by Duolingo, discusses how the lives of Syrian refugees in Jordan and Turkey have been influenced by language and education. (Courtesy of Duolingo)

Duolingo debuts ‘Something Like Home’ documentary

By Jon Kunitsky | Staff Writer June 27, 2018

Pittsburgh-based education software company Duolingo is most popular for teaching foreign languages to millions of people worldwide through its phone app and online learning program. But the company’s...

Jeanna Sybert, president of the American Association of University Women at Pitt, discusses the history of select derogatory and misogynistic words at the group’s “Reclaiming Words” event Monday night. (Photo by Thomas Yang | Visual Editor)

Women discuss reclaiming female slurs

By Noah Manalo | Staff Writer February 20, 2018

Jeanna Sybert was sure to address both sides of the reclamation argument in her presentation — and she didn’t shy away from using shocking language to make those points. The University of Pittsburgh’s...

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