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Editorial: Top 10 reasons Pitt students are so tired

The average college student shouldn’t have any problems climbing the stairs to the third floor of the Cathedral.
October 24, 2019

Anytime someone asks us how we are, we respond that we’re tired — because here at The Pitt News, we’re committed to getting the facts right. And anytime we tell a college graduate of any age that...

Poetry | Mid-October Scaries

Poetry | Mid-October Scaries
October 10, 2019
Winter is just around the corner  As midterms take way 

Photo blog: midterms, spring break edition

“You have to understand everyone's gonna give you a response but they’re never actually going to do that. I would say that I would’ve gone to the museums or the Mattress Factory, which I have never been, but realistically I probably would’ve played video games or maybe go out to dinner somewhere decent. You're going to get answers that are going to be pretty outlandish and unrealistic. I'm just telling you what I honestly think. I’m probably going to go out with some of my friends and go ax throwing. However, realistically what ends up going on in a week when you don't feel like you have anything going on is nothing.” -Senior finance and accounting double major Vincent Vallorani
March 8, 2019

Kick off your break from class and the stresses of midterm exams by reading about how these Pitt students wind down from midterm exams and plan to spend their spring breaks.

Don’t forget self-care during midterms

Don't forget self-care during midterms
October 11, 2018
For many students, midterm season doesn’t end when tests are graded. The fear of failing or not doing as well as anticipated can loom over students and may contribute to problems later in the semester.
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