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Opinion | Justice shouldn’t have an expiration date

The Pennsylvania Senate Judiciary Committee listened to testimony during a daylong hearing discussion legislation to reform the statute of limitations on sexual abuse criminal and civil claims.

By Grace McGinness, Staff Columnist

October 9, 2019

Pennsylvania needs to eliminate statutes of limitations by passing Bill 540 and finally rectifying the harmful effects of this law.

Editorial: Better response needed from state health officials in Canon-McMillan school district

Editorial: Better response needed from state health officials in Canon-McMillan school district

By The Pitt News Editorial Board

October 8, 2019

It seems as though state health officials haven’t appropriately or adequately responded to community members’ complaints, who have cause to be worried about their children’s health.

Editorial | It’s about time: online absentee applications in Pa.

Governor Tom Wolf announced on Monday that state voters will be allowed to request absentee ballots online.

By The Pitt News Editorial Board

September 9, 2019

This change is a start, but if Pennsylvania really wants to increase fairness, they must continue to make deliberate improvements.

Editorial: Lawsuit could be a step towards equity in Pa. education funding

A lawsuit claims that Pennsylvania public school funding is unfair because it relies too heavily on local tax dollars and discriminates against underprivileged districts.

By The Pitt News Editorial Board

September 3, 2019

Where the state government has failed to solve the problem of inequity in education funding, this lawsuit could be a step towards a solution.

Opinion | Pa. marijuana legalization necessary

Democratic Sens. Daylin Leach and Sharif Street proposed Pennsylvania Senate Bill 350 on March 18, an extremely progressive cannabis legalization bill.

By Julia Kreutzer, Staff Columnist

March 24, 2019

In the push for meaningfully combating racist practices, creating legal opportunities for medicinal and recreational marijuana users and bolstering the state’s economy, approving SB 350 is an instrumental move.

Opinion | Pa. is misguidedly trying to make video games a taxable sin

Opinion | Pa. is misguidedly trying to make video games a taxable sin

By Thomas Wick, Staff Columnist

February 19, 2019

Politicians have been trying to pin the blame for school shootings on violent video games for years, even though it’s a dated concept.

Pa. group offers legal help to sexual assault victims

#MeTooPA is a sexual assault and harassment reporting hotline for students grades pre-K through college and low-wage workers in Pennsylvania created by the Women’s Law Project.

By Mary Rose O'Donnell, Staff Writer

January 28, 2019

Legal expenses for sexual assault cases can often exceed $10,000, a prohibitively high cost for segments of the population that live paycheck-to-paycheck. One group is making it possible for Pennsylvanian survivors of sexual assault to get free legal help — particularly those who couldn’t otherwise afford it.

Editorial: Young people turn out: Pa. blue wave becomes tsunami

Nearly 600 people voted at the Posvar Hall polling location.

By The Pitt News Editorial Board

November 7, 2018

Midterm elections are traditionally Republican dominated — but young people came out in full force this year, giving Democrats a badly needed win.

Editorial: RMU’s new scholarship: great first step, but not enough

Editorial: RMU's new scholarship: great first step, but not enough

By The Pitt News Editorial Board

August 29, 2018

Since many students eventually settle in the same area where they went to college, keeping talented students in Pennsylvania is important to ensure a flourishing job market. Exorbitant college tuition rates only push students out of the state.

Panelists discuss being a woman in politics

Mayor of Wilkinsburg Marita Garrett (left) listens as District 21 State Representative candidate Sara Innamorato discusses her entry into the political field at Sunday evening’s Women in Politics panel. (Photo by Thomas Yang | Visual Editor)

By Briana Canady | Staff Writer

February 26, 2018

Aryanna Berringer grew up the youngest of 10 children in a family that had to rely on food stamps and free school lunches to get by. She remembers how her mother would wash the three different uniforms for her jobs at three different restaurants in their kitchen sink. All of this motivated Berringer to run for l...

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