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Laurence Glasco: Studying the people behind history

Laurence Glasco: Studying the people behind history

By Millicent Watt | Dalia Maeroff, Senior Staff Writer April 8, 2021
Laurence Glasco was offered a job at Pitt in 1969, for what he thought would only be a few years.
Opinion | It’s time to update Pittsburgh’s flag

Opinion | It’s time to update Pittsburgh’s flag

By Jack Troy, Staff Columnist March 15, 2021
Pittsburgh’s flag is just one of the countless messy and meaningless local flags in America.
The Pittsburgh branch of Jewish Voice for Peace publicized a petition to end all training exchanges between the Pittsburgh police and Israel in November.

Opinion | Anti-Israel groups’ petition is misleading

By Josh Beylinson, Staff Columnist January 29, 2021
The petition is filled with false assertions and demonstrates that these organizations are interested not in real dialogue about Israel or Zionism, but in promoting incendiary campaigns that employ anti-Semitic tropes.
Staff columnist India Krug is critical of Mayor Bill Peduto’s response to the Black Lives Matter movement and his handling of policing in Pittsburgh.

Opinion | Vote Peduto out and Gainey in

By India Krug, Staff Columnist January 26, 2021
Peduto cannot be expected to give the Black Lives Matter movement the political agency it deserves. That is why it is imperative we focus on electing Gainey.
Dixon Veltri moved back to her hometown of Pittsburgh and joined Pitt’s women’s soccer team after transferring from University of North Carolina Wilmington.

Two Pitt athletes play for the Steel City that raised them

By Griffin Floyd, Staff Writer October 20, 2020
Homecoming normally presents an opportunity to travel back to one’s home to relive distant memories. But Pitt athletes Curtis Aiken Jr. and Dixon Veltri have chosen to stay in the city that raised them for their college careers.
Opinion | Save Pittsburgh, end gentrification

Opinion | Save Pittsburgh, end gentrification

By Paige Lawler, Assistant Opinions Editor October 13, 2020
Gentrification in Pittsburgh forces long time residents to leave their communities and threatens to ruin the City’s culture and diversity.
A protester holds a “Trans People Belong” sign during a June protest for Black trans lives.

Editorial | In absence of Pride, we should listen to our activists

By The Pitt News Editorial Board August 25, 2020
We should take this year, in the absence of a physical pride parade, to reflect on what pride really is, and what it should be from here on out. We should listen to our local activists.
A garbage collector empties recyclables into a Basso Rubbish Removal truck in New Jersey. Garbage collection in Pittsburgh came to a standstill Wednesday morning after sanitation workers from the City held a demonstration insisting they were not receiving proper protective gear to continue working during the coronavirus pandemic.

Editorial: Pittsburgh, protect our sanitation workers

By The Pitt News Editorial Board March 26, 2020
Sanitation workers are providing essential, life sustaining services for the Pittsburgh community during this time. They deserve to be protected — with both gear and hazard pay — while working under such conditions.
The Point in Pittsburgh during the 1910s.

Opinion | Pitt should prioritize local history

By Loretta Donoghue, Staff Columnist February 18, 2020
By honoring Irvis, the University has made a positive step in promoting local history, but they should implement a required program that integrates a variety of local history topics into all students’ curriculum.
Jackie Smith (far right), a sociology professor at Pitt, is one of several researchers that collect data related to human rights in Pittsburgh.

Pitt professors compile Pittsburgh human rights stories

By Katie Sottile, For The Pitt News February 11, 2020
The conclusions drawn from the study will be compiled as a part of the Universal Periodic Review, a report that is published every four years to depict the human rights records of 193 United Nations Member States.
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