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Editorial: State gerrymandering decision needs action now

Map of Pennsylvania’s current congressional districts . (Photo via United States Census Bureau)

By The Pitt News Editorial Board

January 24, 2018

As midterm elections loom and Pennsylvanians prepare to deliver their opinion on President Donald Trump’s first two years in office, the Commonwealth’s Supreme Court added to the drama Monday when it ordered a change to the lines of battle themselves: Congressional district borders. In a long-...

Editorial: Now’s the time for redistricting reform

(Illustration by Elise Lavallee | Contributing Editor)

By The Pitt News Editorial Board

October 1, 2017

After nearly six years, Pennsylvania residents dissatisfied with the current scheme of representation for the commonwealth in the House may finally get some relief. A lawsuit from the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania, originally filed in June, received new attention last week as a Republican staffer in the state legislature came forward in...

Pittsburghers talk gerrymandering

Sue Brougton speaks to a crowd at the Rodef Shalom Auditorium in Shadyside about gerrymanding. Stephen Caruso | Assistant Visual Editor

By Stephen Caruso / Contributing Editor

April 7, 2017

Sue Broughton likes squiggles. And as a speaker for Fair Districts PA, she gets to show concerned voters a lot of them. Fair Districts PA, is a non-partisan activist group against gerrymandering — when a political group moves the boundaries of electoral districts to help their own election odds...

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