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Stephany Andrade poses for a photo while reading a book.

Stephany Andrade: The Steve Jobs of education

By Thomas Riley, Opinions Editor April 24, 2024

As the founder of APPLE — not Silicon Valley’s, but the student organization Assisting Philanthropic Professionals Lead Education — Stephany Andrade takes the field of education very seriously. From...

Chris Matthews poses for a photo at the Global Hub in Posvar Hall.

Chris Matthews: Inspiring language learners at home and abroad

By Anna Kuntz, Senior Staff Writer April 22, 2024
Most people could never imagine themselves going grocery shopping in a foreign country with the equivalent of one US dollar to their name and only four days' worth of practice in a new language. For Chris Matthews, student engagement specialist for the Less-Commonly-Taught Languages Center, however, occurrences like these are just one aspect of his work toward improving language learning at Pitt and internationally.
Amy Flick poses for a photo inside the Cathedral of Learning.

Amy Flick: An advocate who makes sure her students ‘retain their dignity’

By Colm Slevin, Senior Staff Writer April 22, 2024
Amy Flick is a professor committed to bridging the gap between science and society. From harm reduction tactics to patient narratives, she's redefining health communication with compassion and inclusivity.
Sarah Siddiqui poses for a photo in her office.

Sarah Siddiqui: Bolstering wellness on Pitt’s Student Government Board

By Irene Castillo, Senior Staff Writer April 22, 2024

Student Government Board’s office is filled with colorful Post-it notes with scribbles of positivity — “Have a nice day <3” scratched into a bright neon pink, “Happy birthday!!!” on a pale...

Kamalani Akeo talks with members of the womens volleyball coaching staff in 2021.

Kamalani Akeo: An unsung hero contributing to the success of Pitt volleyball

By Matthew Scabilloni, Senior Staff Writer April 18, 2024
Pitt volleyball has earned three consecutive bids to the National Semifinal — and that doesn’t just happen out of nowhere. It happens because of coaches like Kamalani Akeo on the Panthers sideline.
Nandi Theunissen poses for a photo outside the Cathedral of Learning.

Nandi Theunissen: A teacher of philosophy and self-value

By Briana Bindus, Staff Writer April 17, 2024
Nandi Theunissen grew up as “a great reader of literature,” but as she progressed throughout high school, she no longer found it fully satisfying. In college, she discovered philosophy. Now, she’s an associate professor of philosophy at Pitt and an adviser for graduate students.
Belkys Torres poses for a photo at the Global Hub in Posvar Hall.

Belkys Torres: Trailblazing inclusive education through global engagement 

By Betul Tuncer, Editor-in-Chief April 17, 2024
Belkys Torres has changed a lot at Pitt, especially in regard to global engagement, throughout her time at the university. Most recently, she has taken on the inaugural role of associate vice provost for inclusive excellence in education to reshape how institutional policies impact students.
Junior social work major Allison Butterfield (left) and sophomore neuroscience major Malak Ayoub (right) pose for a photo in the stockroom of the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh Food Pantry.

Islamic Center of Pittsburgh Food Pantry Volunteers: Fighting food insecurity for all Pittsburghers

By Livia Daggett, Contributing Editor April 16, 2024

The morning of Feb. 16 was the kind of frigid cold that makes most people stay curled up and cozy in bed. Despite the chill, a merry frenzy of volunteers was busy packing, carrying and delivering boxes...

K.J. Marshall poses for a photo wearing fraternity letters in a Pitt practice gymnasium.

KJ Marshall: An unlikely journey to and from Pitt

By Jermaine Sykes, Assistant Sports Editor April 16, 2024

Being 5-foot-8 and playing Division I basketball is no easy feat. The average height for DI basketball players is nearly a foot taller. But for graduate student KJ Marshall, playing up to a challenge is...

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