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Starbucks at Amos Hall on Fifth Avenue.

Amos Hall Starbucks votes to unionize in a landslide

By Jack Troy, Senior Staff Writer May 6, 2022
Workers at the Amos Hall Starbucks unionized Friday in a 10-3 vote. Following the NLRB’s certification of the results, the union can elect a bargaining committee and begin contract negotiations with company representatives.
The outside of the Amos Starbucks.

‘Put their money where their mouth is’: Oakland Starbucks workers fight to unionize

By Punya Bhasin, Assistant News Editor April 19, 2022
When Sam Knapp, a shift supervisor at the Amos Hall Starbucks, saw that his employees’ wellness was deteriorating, he decided to take action and sent a message to Workers United.
Starbucks at Amos Hall on Fifth Avenue.

NLRB to mail union ballots for Amos Hall Starbucks, tally results on May 6

By Colm Slevin, Senior Staff Writer April 17, 2022
The National Labor Relations Board will mail ballots this Thursday to Starbucks employees deciding whether to unionize the coffee chain’s Amos Hall location on Pitt’s campus. The board will then count the ballots on May 6.
Starbucks at Amos Hall on Forbes Avenue.

Editorial | The Amos Hall Starbucks unionization is a great step forward

By The Pitt News Editorial Board March 17, 2022
The move to unionize is important, particularly for student workers, as it helps students be able to call out issues in future careers.
Opinion | You know what tastes better than Starbucks? Unionization.

Opinion | You know what tastes better than Starbucks? Unionization.

By Grace DeLallo, Assistant Opinions Editor January 19, 2022
Starbucks should prioritize unionization for all of their stores instead of fighting it — putting better working conditions and protections ahead of capitalist pursuits at the expense of its workers. Although there is such a long way to go in the fight against big businesses and capitalism exploiting workers, we must have solidarity within the working class if we are to see any meaningful change in the next decade or so.
A Starbucks’ storefront.

Opinion | Working at Starbucks was the best thing that ever happened to me

By Dalia Maeroff, Opinions Editor October 5, 2021
Working as a Starbucks barista was my first job at a large company, and while that may sound trivial, it prepared me for the harsh realities of the adult work environment.
Satire |  A Night in the Starbucks Zone

Satire | A Night in the Starbucks Zone

By Allison Dantinne, Senior Staff Columnist September 25, 2019
What has Starbucks been hiding from us between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m., besides worn-out employees? It’s time for me to find out so you don’t have to.
The Fifth Ave. Starbucks on Pitt’s campus is Pittsburgh’s first location open 24 hours Sunday through Thursday.

Up all night: Working at Starbucks at 3 a.m.

By Brian Gentry, Senior Staff Writer September 11, 2019
A total of three people — two sitting together and one studying by themselves — are in the Fifth Avenue Starbucks.
One barista shows off her latte art outside Crazy Mocha Sewickley. (Photo courtesy of Alexa Manko)

Staff Picks: Coffee Craziness

By The Pitt News Staff May 30, 2018

For some, getting caffeinated is the most important part of mornings in college. But others prefer using the local coffee shops for an afternoon date, a study session or a meet-up with old friends. Whether...

(Illustration by Garrett Aguilar | Staff Illustrator)

Christmas: the most wonderful two months of the year

By Alexis Buncich | For The Pitt News November 15, 2017

Based on my friends’ Snapchats, the last moments before the Christmas season ended the night of Halloween. Everyone was still getting into their Halloween candy when suddenly, the clock struck midnight...

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