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Satire | A Night in the Starbucks Zone

Satire |  A Night in the Starbucks Zone

By Allison Dantinne, Senior Staff Columnist

September 25, 2019

What has Starbucks been hiding from us between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m., besides worn-out employees? It’s time for me to find out so you don’t have to.

Up all night: Working at Starbucks at 3 a.m.

The Fifth Ave. Starbucks on Pitt’s campus is Pittsburgh’s first location open 24 hours Sunday through Thursday.

By Brian Gentry, Senior Staff Writer

September 11, 2019

A total of three people — two sitting together and one studying by themselves — are in the Fifth Avenue Starbucks.

Staff Picks: Coffee Craziness

One barista shows off her latte art outside Crazy Mocha Sewickley. (Photo courtesy of Alexa Manko)

By The Pitt News Staff

May 30, 2018

For some, getting caffeinated is the most important part of mornings in college. But others prefer using the local coffee shops for an afternoon date, a study session or a meet-up with old friends. Whether you are a hard-core coffee addict and need all of the espresso shots you can get or just want ...

Christmas: the most wonderful two months of the year

(Illustration by Garrett Aguilar | Staff Illustrator)

By Alexis Buncich | For The Pitt News

November 15, 2017

Based on my friends’ Snapchats, the last moments before the Christmas season ended the night of Halloween. Everyone was still getting into their Halloween candy when suddenly, the clock struck midnight — and each Snapchat story was filled with carols as my friends traded jack-o’-lanterns for S...

Flat white makes an overpriced, over-foamy entrance in U.S.

By Grace Kelly / Staff Writer

March 17, 2015

Our hipster coffee obsession perpetuates a common myth — “The Americano isn’t just espresso with water. It’s a brash shot of heady liquid adrenaline with notes of chocolate and tobacco tempered by a slosh of hot water” — but half the time that Americano you sip at Starbucks is average at...

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