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Opinion | Get a fish, not a relationship

Opinion | Get a fish, not a relationship

By Nina Santucci, For the Pitt News

January 27, 2020

You will never really know what your fish is feeling, but you can assume it’s undying love, as you’re the sole purpose it’s still alive.

Opinion | Tips for a very merry finals week

Opinion | Tips for a very merry finals week

By Julia Kreutzer, Senior Staff Columnist

December 8, 2019

With finals week upon us and the dreaded pre-finals-finals week behind us, it may seem the task of balancing rest and academics has only become more arduous.

The Pitt Prescription: How to manage pain and stay healthy

The Pitt Prescription

By Elizabeth Donnelly, Senior Staff Writer

November 4, 2019

Taking care of yourself, your mind and your body is incredibly important and college students sometimes forget this. A lot of pent-up stress and pressure can lead to significant impairment of one’s immune system.

College Compass: Fashion advice for student life

Thriftsburgh is a student-operated thrift store located in the O’Hara Student Center.

By Sarah Stager, For The Pitt News

October 31, 2019

It’s not always easy to look put together when you’re lugging heavy bags beneath both eyes and have a million and one assignments to complete before the end of the day.

College Compass: Entering survival mode

College Compass: Entering survival mode

By Ana Altchek, Staff Writer

October 3, 2019

College Compass is a brand new bi-weekly blog that aims to help student navigate the highs and lows of college life. This week, staff writer Ana Altchek talks about some of the stresses of being a first year student.

Opinion | The art of saying “no”

Opinion | The art of saying

By Julia Kreutzer, Senior Staff Columnist

September 8, 2019

While saying no can feel uncomfortable and even unnatural, recognizing we don’t always have to agree is instrumental in protecting our mental health.

Opinion | We should all find time to read

Reading increases emotional intelligence and empathy.

By Leah Mensch, Assistant Opinions Editor

August 28, 2019

It’s a shame that we don’t read for pleasure as much during the school year, because with reading comes so many other benefits that improve the quality of everyday life.

Opinion | 5 tips to minimize stress and maximize success

Setting a fixed time to wake up in the morning can help the body adapt to a daily schedule.

By Mackenzie Oster, Staff Columnist

August 23, 2019

So, before you find yourself in the same situation when the new school year begins, here's a few things to do differently this semester to minimize stress and maximize success.

Stress-inducing moments from Pitt sports

Pitt football upset Penn State in 2016 with a last-minute interception and a final score of 42-39.

By Trent Leonard, Staff Writer

April 22, 2019

Finals week is one of the most stressful times of the year, but you might feel more at ease after revisiting some of these anxiety-inducing Pitt games.

Do puzzles and games help you de-stress?

According to Pitt psychology professor Melinda Ciccocioppo playing games can relieve stress by distracting from stress-inducing factors.

By Vaibhav Gupta, Staff Writer

April 21, 2019

“Video games are a part of me, and being able to play them, it takes away the pressure from work,” Ferdy Huang, a junior emergency medicine major, said. “The stress management, that’s the side effect that comes from having fun playing video games.”

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