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University announces tailgating limitations for Pitt-PSU game

A Pittsburgh sports record 69,983 fans showed up at Heinz Field the last time Pitt played Penn State at home.
(TPN File Photo)

By Trent Leonard, Sports Editor

September 3, 2018

The University announced Sunday that parking options will be restricted ahead of the Pitt-Penn State game to accommodate the traffic influx.

Students sport game day garb

(Illustration by Raka Sarkar | Senior Staff Illustrator)

By Sarah Connor, For The Pitt News

October 2, 2017

As music blasted through speakers in the trunk of a crossover SUV, scores of students tossed footballs and played cornhole in parking lots outside of Heinz Field Saturday before the football team’s game against Rice University. Students wearing blue-and-gold hoodies and knit Pitt beanies danced to the music and took part in th...

Homecoming Edition: Hydration key to a great tailgating experience

By Vincent Smith / Staff Writer

September 26, 2013

If Pitt football is playing at noon on a Saturday, you can bet that Andrew Hansen, senior at Pitt and a member of Pitt’s Greek Life, will be resting up Friday night for the upcoming tailgate. “There is nothing worse than waking up an hour before the game, realizing you have to go straight into the stadium,” sai...

Homecoming Edition: Game day grilling done right with the Copy Chef

By Pat Mallee / Copy Chief

September 26, 2013

No football game-day experience is complete without a great pregame tailgate. And to have a truly great tailgate, you’ll need some truly great food to munch on.Over time, a particular blend of cuisines has become the hallmark of tailgate dining — part barbecue, part picnic. And while many tailgat...

Homecoming Edition: The Beer Nerd’s guide to tailgate brews

By Jackson Crowder / Staff Writer

September 26, 2013

If beer is the best thing on earth, then sports are the second best. Thus, it should come as little surprise that beer and sports go together as well as they do. Beer and sports go together like peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper and Catelyn and Eddard Stark.Naturally, things that go together well...

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