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Prairie art companion: student exhibit showcases annual Wyoming trip

The Studio Arts Summer 2015 Creative Research Exhibition opened January 15th in the University Art Gallery.  Theo Schwartz | Senior Staff Photographer

By Jack Shelly / Staff Writer

January 20, 2016

Picture pieces of rusted iron, makeshift fly swatters and pairs of turquoise and purple gloves. It might seem difficult to draw a connection between these individual items, but the new exhibit on display at the Frick Fine Arts Building’s University Art Gallery contains all of them, each speaking ...

‘Exposure’ celebrates black local artists

Mobutu Reynold's

By Eric Acosta / for The Pitt News

November 24, 2015

What once was a coal city is now a center for culture and creativity. Pittsburgh’s transformation from a steel city to an artistic hub is evident in neighborhoods like the Hill District and Lawrenceville, where public art and street murals decorate the urban fabric. But a new exhibit in the Frick ...

Sketching out a future

Victor Gonzalez / Staff Illustrator

By Brady Langmann / Staff Writer

September 11, 2015

Within the first two weeks of each semester, studio arts major Stephanie Taylor can usually expect to sign an accident waiver form. “The professors always tell me, ‘Be conscientious because your biggest material is your health,’” Taylor, a junior, said. With art degrees come physical ­—...

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