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‘Why are they angry with us?’: Larry Davis talks systemic racism

Dr. Larry Davis and Chancellor Emeritus Mark Nordenberg spoke at an event called “Will Race Always Matter?” on Tuesday.

By Alice Tang, For The Pitt News

September 28, 2020

Davis — the founding director of Pitt’s Center on Race and Social Problems, as well as dean emeritus of the School of Social Work — talked about his book and issues surrounding race at the “Will Race Always Matter?” lecture Tuesday evening. The event was hosted by the CRSP, Thornburgh Forum, the University Honors College, the Institute of Politics and the School of Social Work.

Former Pa. governors talk impeachment, white supremacy

Former Pennsylvania Governors Ed Rendell and Tom Ridge answer questions moderated by Dave Davies (pictured left to right) at the Carnegie Music Hall on Tuesday night as a part of the 2019 American Experience Distinguished Lecture Series hosted by the University of Pittsburgh.

By Rebecca Johnson, Staff Writer

October 2, 2019

Former Pennsylvania governors Tom Ridge and Ed Rendell discussed the current political climate Tuesday night.

Opinion | Social media outlets need to deplatform white supremacists

Opinion | Social media outlets need to deplatform white supremacists

By Delilah Bourque, Senior Staff Columnist

March 25, 2019

Social media companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter need to step up their actions against white supremacists and bigoted provocateurs.

Calif. white supremacists vowed to ‘reimagine’ racist movements with new look, tactics

A screenshot from video reportedly shows Robert Rondo, leader of the so-called Rise Above Movement, attacking a counter-protestor at an event in Huntington Beach, Calif., in March 2017. The photo was included in a criminal complaint released by the Department of Justice. (Department of Justice/TNS)

By Alene Tchekmedyian and Brittny Mejia | Los Angeles Times

October 25, 2018

From the beginning, the founders of the so-called Rise Above Movement had a goal: to reinvent what it meant to be a white nationalist. Members of the Southern California group were instructed to blend in at political rallies with polo shirts, khakis and military-style haircuts. They were told to avoid...

Editorial: Journalists shouldn’t be afraid to contextualize evil

The New York Times has received significant criticism for a profile about a neo-Nazi the paper published Saturday. (Photo via Flickr)

By The Pitt News Editorial Board

November 27, 2017

What was unusual in the response to a recent New York Times story wasn't its negativity so much as where the hate came from. With figures on the political right, from President Donald Trump to Joseph Curl of the Washington Times, frequently deriding The New York Times as “failing” and “very,...

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