Featured Features: 2018 Editors’ Picks


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2018 brought on a berth of new, exciting stories about people from all walks of life as well as events both on and off Pitt’s campus. Many of The Pitt News’ editors had trouble deciding on a single story published in the past year that they found the most intriguing, so they’ve recommended entire editions and overall coverage instead.

Mac Miller Coverage // Trent Leonard, Sports Editor

During his life and career, I was never a big fan of Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller. I cast him off as another obnoxious frat rapper and paid little attention to his music or endeavors.

But in the wake of his unexpected and tragic death at the age of 26 this past September, I found myself reexamining my outlook toward Miller. The Pitt News covered the artist’s death and ensuing fan reactions — Miller’s Point Breeze home was mere miles down the road from Pitt’s campus.

In our coverage, I discovered a young man who oozed positivity and radiant energy wherever he went, a rare character about whom seemingly no one had a bad word to say. I discovered an evolving musician, and someone who was adored not just by his native Pittsburgh community but also friends and fans across the globe. As a result, I came away with a greater admiration for Miller as an individual.

2018 Employment Guide // Jeremy Wang, Assistant Opinions Editor

While college classes may equip you with the skills and knowledge to carry out a job, they don’t necessarily prepare you with interview etiquette, the value of graduate school in your profession or opportunities found in gap years. A student’s years at Pitt are extremely formative and ultimately meant to give direction to professional aspirations. This year’s Pitt News Employment Guide did just that, helping students elevate themselves from merely college graduates to competitive applicants.

2018 Dining Guide // Sarah Connor, Culture Editor

Everyone needs to eat, and eating is more fun with a special edition to guide students through the dining options, trends and quirks here at Pitt. This year’s dining guide featured a story profiling three successful Instagram foodies — all of whom are Pitt alums or current students. The foodies the story focused on were Hungry Girl, Big City, And a Chocolate Drizzle and Ciltantropist. Each foodie had a story behind why they loved running their pages, from having a personal passion for business to helping in eating disorder recovery. I really loved getting to see the stories behind the young women who ran these pages. It was a very humanizing experience, especially considering how detached from reality social media can feel at times.

Dining guide also focused on the presence of international eateries in the North Oakland neighborhood like the Turkish Grille, Sultan Bey and Bombay Market. Each of these locations is independently owned and offers patrons authentic food from an international culture. I enjoyed reading this piece because I think that Pitt is a very diverse school, and I was excited for the culture desk to bring attention to diverse eating options as well.

2018 Midterm Elections Coverage // Janine Faust, Managing Editor

This past year’s midterm elections saw a historical turnout of voters nationwide, reaching numbers American politics hadn’t seen in more than a century. Pitt polling stations represented this shift, with voter participation at Posvar Hall, Soldiers and Sailors and the William Pitt Union reaching record highs.

I was incredibly excited about the length to which my coworkers covered this historic event, from a story explaining everything students needed to know about the midterm elections to reporting on the efforts of student organizations to encourage voter turnout.

On the night of the elections, our digital team made a bit of “history” in the office by constructing a graphic tracking national and local election results, a first for TPN’s website. I was also proud of our editorial board’s first-time collective decision not to endorse any particular candidates, a move which we believe represents TPN’s dedication to honesty and objectivity.

2018 Rental Guide // Christian Snyder, Editor in Chief

As students in a neighborhood like Oakland, which is home to residents, professionals, students and visitors alike, it’s important that we remain aware of our impact on the community. That’s why this year’s Rental Guide focused on how the changing real estate landscape affects Oakland’s various residents.

With stories ranging from explorations of gentrification to columns arguing for a need for higher quality affordable student housing, we hope our Rental Guide helps spark conversation about the area Pitt calls home — not to mention the practical and affordable decorating tips in our Culture section, useful for dorm rooms and apartments alike.