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Hozier performs in Seattle in 2015.

Staff Picks: Fall Albums

By The Pitt News Staff October 12, 2021
The weather might have not caught up to it yet, but it is definitely October and autumn is upon us. It doesn’t matter if you’re leaning into the more gloomy or the lovestruck aspects of fall, these albums have got you covered.
You can enjoy Homecoming from home by indulging in a “school spirit” movie, such as “School of Rock.”

Staff Picks: Smells like school spirit

By The Pitt News Staff September 21, 2021
School spirit. A phrase that invites both joy and fear in the hearts of all students. With movie choices from our staff, indulge in every iteration of the phrase, from your elementary school highs to your high school lows.
“Never Have I Ever” on Netflix is one of the staff’s picks for comedy movies and TV shows that are just what you need to survive the first week of classes.

Staff Picks: Comedies to get you through the first week of classes

By The Pitt News Staff August 20, 2021
After you’re done getting all your syllabi together, you should take a break before the semester gets underway. These comedic movies and TV shows will provide the perfect reprieve from work.
The Pitt News Staff’s favorite LGBTQ+ characters to celebrate all year long.

Staff Picks: Our favorite LGBTQ+ fictional characters

By The Pitt News Staff June 9, 2021
Happy Pride Month! We celebrate our favorite LGBTQ+ characters all year long, and lean on them maybe more than we should for our sanity, but now in the spirit of June we’re bringing them to you to enjoy.
Major Pittsburgh Pride celebrations have been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Staff Picks: Shows and movies for Pride Month

By The Pitt News Staff June 2, 2020
Pride Month looks like it will come and go without much in-person celebration this year, with major Pittsburgh Pride celebrations postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the LGBTQ+ community and its allies can’t spend the month of June physically together, our staff has compiled a list of the shows and movies that help bring us closer to the community and the issues that matter.
Staff Picks: Our social distancing activities

Staff Picks: Our social distancing activities

By The Pitt News Staff March 24, 2020
You can only spend so much time streaming. Here are a few other new or old hobbies some of our writers are choosing to fill their time.
Hozier released his second studio album “Wasteland, Baby!” in 2019.

Staff Picks: Favorite Albums of 2019

By The Pitt News Staff January 6, 2020
Some of the biggest artists in the world released new albums in 2019. From pop sensation Ariana Grande to hip-hop supergroup BROCKHAMPTON, 2019 was a huge year for great music. Read our staff’s picks for the best albums of the year. 
Colony Cafe, located downtown, allows you to study in the same room as adoptable cats.

Staff Picks: Unconventional study spots

By The Pitt News Staff December 9, 2019
On the culture desk here at The Pitt News, we know how hard finals week is. Once a semester, everyone at Pitt suddenly rediscovers the library and Hillman is filled with people cramming for finals, cramming for mobile charging blocks and — most importantly — cramming for space. Here are our recommendations for the best spots to study that no one else will think of.
All of Pitt’s coffee carts are basically the same.

Staff Picks: Where to find the best coffee on campus

By The Pitt News Staff September 26, 2019
A lot of college students drink coffee, 71.4% in fact. So, there’s a good chance if you’re reading this, you probably fill up with only two — or three, or four, or five — cups of coffee a day. You’re in luck, because our staff has assembled the best of the best places to get coffee on and around campus.
Office Space is a classic movie about an awful boss.

Staff Picks: The best movies about work

By The Pitt News Staff September 11, 2019
Read our staff's picks for the best movies about employment
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