Meet the editors: our last defense

By Maggie Young and Bailey Sasseville, Copy Editors

Hello from The Pitt News copy desk! We’re probably the least well-known of newspaper desks, because we aren’t actually writers — most of us, at least. We are in charge of checking any and every story for factual errors, AP Style, grammar mistakes and more. After passing our desk, each article holds up to our perfectionist standards (until our faculty adviser critiques it!).

We are so excited to be a part of making The Pitt News the best student newspaper around. We’ve seen so many wonderful and groundbreaking stories pass our desk, and we can’t wait for you to read them. If you have any questions about what it takes to perfect an article, just ask us at [email protected]

Copy chief: Bailey Sasseville

I’m Bailey, a senior from northern Virginia double majoring in biology and fiction writing and hoping to go to grad school for genetic counseling. I started at copy desk more than a year ago, and I’m so excited to be heading up our staff of dedicated copy editors. As copy chief, I’m in charge of making sure everyone is properly trained in AP Style and grammar, and I do final checks on every article and paper layout. Even though I’m not planning on going into journalism as a career, I’ve loved every minute of my experience at The Pitt News. In my opinion, copy desk is the best and funniest desk and has all of the nicest people.

Assistant copy chief: Maggie Young

I’m Maggie (one of many), a junior English writing major. I started working with the Pitt News as a copy editor last fall. In my time here, I have written for the news and culture desks as well. Now, I do all the final checks Bailey does on the days that she’s not in the office. I look forward to strengthening my writing as a copy editor and bettering my copy editing skills as I write. There are so many interesting stories to tell at Pitt and so many talented Pitt News staff who write them. Excited for the year ahead!


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