Editorial: Top 10 ways to save the Earth

By The Pitt News Editorial Board

CNN hosted a town hall on the climate crisis for Democratic candidates last night in which Mayor Pete Buttigieg said that combatting the climate crisis “could be more challenging” than winning World War II. Luckily, there are tiny steps that everyone can take in order to save the Earth. Here are 10 things you can do right now.

  1. Run your air conditioning on high 24/7 

Unless you’re part of the Trump administration, it’s no secret that the Earth’s temperature is rising at an alarmingly fast rate. In order to combat these temperatures, open up all of your windows, remove the screens and blast your air conditioning. It might raise your electric bill, but at least you’re helping cool the Earth.

  1. Buy single-use plastics only and recycle them

Recycling is a small change that can make the world a much better place. Most of us could probably improve our recycling habits a bit and be more mindful of the recyclable items that we throw in the trash. An easy way to increase the amount you recycle is to purchase single-use plastics — instead of reusable plastics — and recycle them when you’re done.

  1. Or just recycle everything

If you throw it in the recycling bin, it’s going to be recycled, right?

  1. Stop eating plants 

Plants are considered a critical resource because they release oxygen into the atmosphere, absorb the carbon dioxide we exhale and regulate the water cycle. Essentially, they support life on Earth. Shouldn’t we stop eating three servings of them per day? They don’t even taste good.

  1. Eat more beef to curb grass consumption

Beef isn’t considered the most environmentally friendly food choice, but how else do we stop cows from eating all of the life-sustaining grass?

  1. Buy a new reusable water bottle daily

This one might also be a little harsh on your bank account, but it’s better than wasting water to wash your water bottle on a daily basis.

  1. Drive everywhere to make room on the bus 

Public transportation is packed during rush hour, and this can be enough to make someone think twice about utilizing it. In order to encourage more people to engage in this Earth-friendly activity, try driving everywhere instead.

  1. Use plastic grocery bags as small garbage bags

It makes perfect sense. Use your Giant Eagle single-use plastic bags to line the trash can next to your desk. “Recycle” the item that cannot be recycled by simply delaying the time it takes to end up in the garbage.

  1. Hoard garbage in your dorm 

Save room in landfills and instead keep all of your garbage under your bed. Pitt residence hall beds can be raised about 4 feet, so there’s plenty of space. It might not smell heavenly, but you can buy a six-pack of air fresheners for $4.97 on Amazon.

  1. Tweet about your concerns 

Tweets might not save the Amazon, but who’s to say they won’t save the entire Earth?