April Fools Edition | Local mother takes walks to escape children


Hannah Heisler | Senior Staff Photographer

Taking a walk around your neighborhood is a good break when sitting at a desk or staying in bed all day.

By Mary Rose O'Donnell, Contributing Editor

A local mother went on three neighborhood walks yesterday after her children got on her last nerves.

Karen Holland is a mother of two who has kept active in these unprecedented times by walking a 2-mile route around her neighborhood. She usually only goes on one walk per day, but this routine changed after a frustrating day at home.

“My kids were really just annoying the crap out of me yesterday. My daughter Katie kept showing me these TikTok dances she learned that were horrible to watch. The girl can’t dance,” she said. “My son Chad is home from college and is trying to turn my house into a fraternity. He keeps leaving White Claw cans everywhere!”

Because of this, Holland stormed out of the house twice, the first time because of the TikToks, the second time because of the White Claws.

“I knew if I heard that ‘Renegade’ song one more time I was going to burn the house down, so I decided to leave and power walk it out,” she said.

She has made it a priority to take walks around her suburban neighborhood during the quarantine.

“I like to get up at the same time every day and do my walks and clear my head a bit. It’s always very peaceful in the morning, but now it has been especially quiet since everyone has been told to stay inside,” she said.

Holland resorted to these morning walks after her local YMCA closed and she could no longer attend her morning Zumba classes. Holland said her walks are a way to stay active during social distancing, as well as a great way to avoid her family.

“It was nice to have both of my babies home at first, but it’s gotten real old real fast,” she said.