Pitt welcomed the class of 2025 as its largest class ever


Joy Cao | Senior Staff Photographer

Three students read a sign greeting Pitt’s largest incoming class ever this year — a total of 5,195 students.

By Martha Layne and Natalie Frank

Pitt’s class of 2025 — composed of 4,927 students — is not only Pitt’s largest-ever first-year class, but it also broke several demographic records for the University. This year’s class had a record number of applicants, Pennsylvania students, non-resident students as well as number and percent of minority or non-white students.

Out of the 4,927 students enrolled in the first-year class, 2,897 are Pennsylvania residents, 1,838 are non-residents and 192 are international students. These numbers are up compared to the class of 2024, which broke records that year as well.

This class is also made up of 1,556 minority students, which is a decrease from last year’s 1,824 students.

The class of 2025 is spread across all different schools. Approximately 402 students were enrolled in the College of Business and Administration, 3,431 in the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences, 253 in the School of Computing and Information, 180 in the School of Nursing and 661 in the Swanson School of Engineering.

Kellie Kane, associate vice provost for enrollment and executive director of admissions, said the pandemic had an effect on the large class of 2025.

“The University of Pittsburgh welcomed a larger-than-expected fall 2021 first-year class of 4,927 students to the Pittsburgh campus — a record number as a result of higher-than-projected yield of students from Pennsylvania more than likely due to the uncertainty of the pandemic,” Kane said. “This historic class included a record number of students from Pennsylvania, a record number of non-Pennsylvania students, and the most racially and ethnically diverse class.”