Pitt adds 56 new COVID-19 cases since March 30


Pamela Smith | Visual Editor

According to a recent CMRO email, COVID-19 cases on campus are “mild and low in number.”

By Martha Layne, News Editor

Pitt officials said Thursday that 44 students and 12 employees tested positive for COVID-19 from March 30 to April 5.

An email sent by Pitt’s COVID-19 Medical Response Office said cases on campus remain “mild and low in number,” after relaxing the mask mandate on March 28.

The CMRO said individuals in quarantine or isolation must remain masked in all public spaces — indoor and outdoor — for 10 days.

The email said while some community members may feel uncomfortable around unmasked individuals, studies have shown that masks are effective at reducing COVID-19 transmission, even among mixed masked and unmasked individuals.

The CMRO also said Pitt has second booster doses of the COVID-19 vaccine available at the CoVax Vaccination Center, as well as initial doses and flu shots. The second booster doses have become available after the FDA authorized the dosage, and are for anyone age 50 or older or those who are immunocompromised. Those who have been vaccinated — including with booster doses — should update their vaccination record.

The email said it’s important for the Pitt community to get their COVID-19 boosters for the following reasons: 

  • Getting boosted when you’re eligible is one of the best ways to protect against another variant and another surge. 
  • You can shore up waning immunity from previous infection and primary vaccination.
  • You don’t have to quarantine if you’re a close contact, if your vaccinations are up to date (i.e. fully vaccinated and boosted, for most people).
  • You can have peace of mind, protecting vulnerable family members and friends.