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UPMC employees to suffer if Pennsylvania becomes a right-to-work state

By Stephen Suss / Columnist September 23, 2013

In this age, the word “union” carries a negative connotation. Once the sole bastion of the blue-collar worker, to which workers looked for help to ensure receipt of reasonable pay, proper working conditions...

Editorial: Pittsburgh parking authority to improve ticket citation procedure

By The Pitt News Editorial Board September 23, 2013

Students and motorists who have been recipients of parking citations need not dread the process as much as they have in the past. Starting on Oct. 1, the Pittsburgh Parking Authority will launch a website...

Editorial: Colleges should take aggressive stance on sexual assault

By The Pitt News Editorial Staff September 18, 2013

Occidental College has finally reached a settlement with a group of students and alumni who filed a federal complaint stating that officials from the school’s Eagle Rock, Calif., campus mishandled...

Ending the intellectual turf war

By Simon Brown / Columnist September 18, 2013

A brutal competition is gripping higher education across the nation. While it can be exciting to watch unfold, it is still mired in bureaucratic mismanagement. Ultimately, it can consume the attention...

Elegant, eloquent students propose constitutional amendment to ban requirements

By Rohith Palli / Columnist September 17, 2013

Disclaimer: The author has read neither “Atlas Shrugged” nor the entirety of “The Wealth of Nations,” but hopes that readers derive pleasure from this most excellent worldview that has been presented....

Editorial: Nation should focus on change through local channels

By The Pitt News Editorial Board September 17, 2013

A nauseating feeling permeates the air today as news of Monday’s mass shooting at the Washington Navy Yard reaches the victims’ families, bystanders and the nation. We can once again comment on the...

Pittsburgh: Learn the lessons of New York

Pittsburgh: Learn the lessons of New York

By Simon Brown / Columnist September 11, 2013

History always remembers its great leaders by their most daunting challenges: King David and Goliath, George Washington and the redcoats and most recently, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the “Big Gulp”...

Editorial: Do you want to be the next Bill Gates? Just do it

By The Pitt News Editorial Staff September 11, 2013

When Matt Mullenweg and Sahil Lavingia decided it was the right decision to pursue their startup dreams instead of obtaining a degree, they inspired many others to follow this path to success.Mullenweg,...

I’ll take my holidays commercialized, please

By Naomi Borrebach / Columnist September 10, 2013

As far as I can tell, one of the biggest gripes that most Americans have about the holiday season is the rampant commercialization, which pressures people to obtain the perfect gift for every aunt, cousin,...

Law so hard — even during your undergrad years

By Sophia Al Rasheed / Columnist September 10, 2013

Given the recent increase in law-school applications over the past few years, students preparing or thinking about attending law school should be aware of the competitive edge required to get into their...

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