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Editorial: Research paper quality depends on professors

By The Pitt News Editorial Staff February 16, 2014

Research papers are often assigned in college in order to gauge a student’s understanding of a particular topic or text. However, the papers students often submit contain poor examples of arguments and...

Female orgasms neglected by societal understanding of sex

By Natalie Russell / Columnist February 14, 2014

Patriarchy never sleeps — especially in the bedroom. Men’s rights activists — and other embarrassments to the male gender — will tell you that a man’s orgasm is naturally more important than...

Female sexuality a complex spectrum not to be dichotomized

By Julia Carpey / Columnist February 14, 2014

As a self-proclaimed third-wave feminist, I often find myself caught between the two extremes of the feminist movement as it pertains to sex, not particularly fitting in either section.In the case of college...

Success in market for fetish objects an elusive undertaking

The advent of the Internet has made sharing information infinitely easier. Among the information shared is knowledge of different fetishes and sexual preferences.With the increased knowledge of fetishes...

Editorial: Access to healthy foods first step of many to better health

By The Pitt News Editorial Board February 12, 2014

A nationwide effort has been in effect over the past decade to eradicate “food deserts” — rural and urban regions that lack access to fresh, nutritious food.Philadelphia, the flagship city of this...

Helicopter parents not conducive to growth of their children

By Channing Kaiser / Columnist February 12, 2014

Let’s talk about clinginess. No, not the “How dare you choose your friends over me?” kind of clinginess that sometimes accompanies romantic relationships or the “Why did you wait an hour to text...

Letter to the Editor: February 12, 2014

February 12, 2014

To the Editor,This past Friday the Global Studies Center hosted a lecture titled, “The Settler Movement: History, Impacts, and Perceptions” by Luke Peterson. According to the announcement distributed...

Unionizing college football players blurs definition of a university

By Nick Voutsinos / Columnist February 12, 2014

Besides the fact that only one team showed up to the Super Bowl this year and that the Winter Olympics in Sochi were clouded with controversial conditions before they even began, I think one of the most...

Editorial: Pitt researchers should consult resources closer to home

By The Pitt News Editorial Board February 12, 2014

Research shows that African-American men who have sex with other men tend to take far fewer sexual risks than white men — and yet, they are more likely to contract HIV.In an interview with the Pittsburgh...

Re-evaluating the allure of STEM majors reveals core principles to be pursued by all

By Simon Brown February 10, 2014

As current college students, the prospects of our future job markets always appear hazy and daunting. Lucky for us, to figure out the correct course of study, we can rewatch President Barack Obama’s...

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