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Pitt researcher helps discover smallest known black hole

Carles Badenes, associate professor of Physics and Astronomy, contributed to the discovery of one of the smallest currently known black holes.

By Alexander Hanna, Staff Writer

November 12, 2019

Pitt professor Carlos Badenes co-authored a new paper about the discovery of the smallest known black hole.

Totality in Tennessee: Pitt scientists witness, document historic eclipse

The Pitt Shadow Bandits, a team of Pitt students, faculty and staff, traveled to Tennessee to watch the total solar eclipse and test a theory about shadow bands.

By Lexi Kennell / Culture Editor

August 22, 2017

As the Pitt Shadow Bandits gradually filled their weather balloon with helium, a symphony of worried gasps escaped from the crowd of spectators as they heard a loud pop and saw the balloon’s deflated remains spread out on the lush Tennessee grass. “Do they have enough helium for another?” someone in the cro...

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